What is heterogeneity


The adjective heterogeneous means “inconsistent”, “different” or means that “something is composed of dissimilar”.

The term is often used to describe groups of people, but also biological, physical or technical systems. The opposite of heterogeneous is homogeneous.

The term has its origin in Greek heterogeneous, which is composed of the words straight (different, different) and genos (Species, genus, sex).


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Phonetic transcription (IPA):[heteʁoˈɡeːn]

Usage examples

Heterogeneous Systems have the advantage that the interaction of different materials can have positive effects.

Due to the advancing globalization, nations and their innate societies are becoming heterogeneous stay.

The Philharmonia Zurich, under the direction of Gabriel Feltz, who is experienced in new music, will fan out the heterogeneous Layers of music as drastic as it is structured. - Julia Spinola, Und der Haifisch, 02/11/2016, time online

Grammar and inflection


heterogeneousmore heterogeneousmost heterogeneous

Strong declination

Masculinemore heterogeneousheterogeneousheterogeneousheterogeneous
Feminineheterogeneousmore heterogeneousmore heterogeneousheterogeneous
Pluralheterogeneousmore heterogeneousheterogeneousheterogeneous

Weak declination

Masculinethe heterogeneous oneof the heterogeneousthe heterogeneousthe heterogeneous
Femininethe heterogeneousthe heterogeneousthe heterogeneousthe heterogeneous
neuterthe heterogeneousof the heterogeneousthe heterogeneousthe heterogeneous
Pluralthe heterogeneousthe heterogeneousthe heterogeneousthe heterogeneous

Mixed declension

Masculinenot a heterogeneous onenot a heterogeneous onenot a heterogeneous onenot heterogeneous
Femininenot heterogeneousnone heterogeneousnone heterogeneousnot heterogeneous
neuternot a heterogeneous onenot a heterogeneous onenot a heterogeneous onenot a heterogeneous one
Pluralnot heterogeneousnone heterogeneousnot heterogeneousnot heterogeneous

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