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Translation of "how please" in Dutch

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Don't say what, say I beg your pardon.
I beg your pardon? - It was greed.
I beg your pardon, I did not understand you.
Sorry, ik understand het niet.
I beg your pardon? Would you please repeat that?
Sorry, can you ever get that?
And I said, "It can't be I beg your pardon?"
I beg your pardon? No, never in my life.
pardon? No, not in dit leven.
I beg your pardon? "Do not worry?" Look at that.
Wat bedoel ever met 'maak je er niet pressure over?' Kijk eens here. Kijk.
Sorry, I beg your pardon? - Go home.
Owe Veel, huh? - Doe de puzzel nou maar.
And, I beg your pardon, do you organize a happening?
And I beg your pardon should i call you now
And I beg your pardon do you want to do that?
I beg your pardon? No, that was a joke.
No, that is eh... een grapje, iets wat Tess zei, toen ze gewond raakte.
I beg your pardon? - It's a shame, I know.
I beg your pardon! You are totally insane ...
Ah, maar u bent hartstikke ...
I beg your pardon? - You don't have the assignment yet.
Never needed eens aangenomen.
I beg your pardon? Who raped you?
Who? I beg your pardon, I can not...
I beg your pardon? Anosmia is not a side effect of imipenem.
Anosmia is geen bijwerking van imipenum.
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