How does the mold of bread smell?

Problem with bread taste and smell

Recently we noticed a terrible smell from our bread. All the bread we bought, including the hot dog and hamburger buns, not only smelled of mold, dampness, and shade of red, but tasted so bad too. The brand was different and came from different stores. We thought it could be something used on our counter tops. We just moved to a new place. But even moving into the refrigerator did not improve the situation. That has never happened to us. And only three of us notice that at home. Our oldest daughter doesn't smell or taste funny.


I know exactly what you mean. The variety of this chemical odor in commercial wheat flour products is increasing. It does not appear in small baked goods or home-baked bread or in commercial flour tortillas.

However, I have found that when you heat bread or rolls in a pan, it disappears. Also, not everyone can smell the chemicals, so they may be more sensitive than others.

I believe it is a preservative / additive. I intend to list the ingredients in products where I smell them and compare them to those I don't know and see if I can relate the cause.

It's not that bread is going bad because, over the past few years and in many different chain stores in different states several hundred miles apart, I've found the smell of freshly packaged, commercially manufactured goods that Walmart, Kroger, owned by IGA, County Market, Aldi.

Some people have a higher tolerance to food taste. Your bread may go bad before you eat it. Store the bread in airtight bags or boxes

I just made rye bread two days ago. I packed the loaves in plastic bags and left them open. They were very moist and tasted good. I closed the one I cut off from. Today it smells strongly of acetone. Not the other bread. It is the moisture and yeast that feed on bread, like the sourdough starter. Leave it off to see if it stops.

The acetone odor is caused by moisture in the bread, which keeps the yeast alive in search of food. It eats the bread.

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