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It is sometimes very difficult to find the best computer desk, because the models differ not only in terms of size and equipment, but also in particular in terms of stability and material composition. This sometimes makes the search for the best model very time-consuming. If you do not have the time and would rather make a quick but good purchase decision, you can follow our purchase recommendation, because we have already done the research for you. We can highly recommend the metal desk from Homfa, because it is compact and sturdy and at the same time impresses with its low weight and easy assembly. Alternatively, the model from 353-001 from Fmd Möbel is highly recommended, because it can be used flexibly, is extensively equipped, offers plenty of storage space and is optically kept in a modern style.



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Computer desks purchase advice


If you are looking to buy a computer desk, there are a few additional things you should consider compared to a classic desk. We'll tell you here which materials and types of computer desks are available and which features are worth paying attention to when comparing prices. In this way you can better weigh up whether a compact and inexpensive computer desk is sufficient for your purposes or whether you should rather use a large model. Finally, you can find an overview of the best computer desks of 2021, which we determined in the test, from our top list. You can take this as a recommendation for different types of desks.

Types of computer desks


As the best computer table, only one model comes into question, on which you can also accommodate all of your PC or laptop equipment. Especially if you want to use the table with a desktop PC including accessories, you should therefore make sure that there is enough space available and that you also have enough legroom when the tower is under the desk. Basically, the range of computer tables is very large and confusing. We therefore recommend that you first make a rough selection based on the type of construction, because then you no longer have to compare so many different models with each other.

There are compact and rollable computer tables that are well suited for use with a laptop. You can also use a large desk that goes around the corner as a computer desk. Ultimately, it is up to you which variant you prefer here. The only important thing is that there is enough space for a printer on the desk or in a compartment and that you can easily store the rest of the accessories. A very small computer desk is sufficient for a laptop without any accessories. Of course, you should also not ignore the subsequent installation location. If the computer is to be in a corner, we recommend a corner desk accordingly.



Material selection


Most computer desks are made either from solid wood, from chipboard with foiling or from metal or glass or from a combination of different materials. Sometimes MDF boards are also used as work surfaces. This is a medium-density fibreboard which, compared to simple chipboard, is heavier but also smoother and more robust. Solid wood desks are usually very stable and stable, but often more expensive than models made of chipboard or metal. With metal tables, on the other hand, you should make sure that they are robustly built, because if the table wobbles or even squeaks later, this can be a major problem when working.

A cheap computer desk is often made of chipboard. This does not have to be a major disadvantage per se, but most chipboard furniture cannot be assembled and dismantled as often as desired, as the drill holes can knock out or turn over over time. Chipboard is also sensitive to moisture, especially if the film is damaged. Since liquids are generally not handled in the vicinity of computers anyway, this is not so important here.

If you would like to use the computer mouse directly on the desk surface, we recommend solid wood, because the mouse usually does not work on glass due to the reflections. Problems can also arise here on slightly shiny film or paint, so that you have to rely on a mousepad.

Equipment features


Depending on how you want to use the desk, you should pay attention to various features that are important to you. This can be, for example, a keyboard drawer under the work surface, if you are used to working with it. A storage area for the housing or printer can also be a useful feature. Corner desks, in particular, are often equipped with a separate platform for the monitor, but this can usually be used flexibly and is by no means mandatory. Here it also depends on whether you are used to working with such a pedestal on which the monitor is raised or not.

Drawers are certainly a useful thing to store small parts such as USB sticks, memory cards, cables and external devices such as hard drives etc. that you only use every now and then. If the PC is your workplace, you will of course also need significantly more space for printer, folders and other utensils, depending on how you work on the PC. A desk with castors is usually only of interest for laptop desks, so that you can work flexibly with the laptop in different locations. With a desktop PC that is connected via several cables, this usually doesn't make that much sense.

Ultimately, we recommend that you consider before buying which features you cannot do without, which material you prefer and how big the desk should be. Then you can make a good pre-selection and significantly accelerate the actual purchase decision.



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If you want to buy a separate desk for your computer, you are faced with an almost unmanageable range and a large variety. Which model is ultimately best suited naturally depends on your requirements, but also on the quality of the model itself. In the test, the most popular models were therefore scrutinized and the test winners were summarized in the top list of the best computer desks in 2021. This gives you a good overview of recommended models of different types, sizes and in different price ranges, so that you can find a recommended variant, regardless of whether you are a model that is a computer desk, office table and storage space in one or just a small side table Want to buy keyboard drawer.



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Homfa Schwarz without a scooter


The HOMFA series was able to prevail as the test winner and thus the best computer desk. The manufacturer offers a selection of six different models with a metal frame and robust construction, which are available in different designs, styles and sizes.

In the test, the inexpensive, small version was particularly convincing, as the computer table is small enough to easily find space in a corner of the living room (dimensions: 70x55x76cm). In the small size, HOMFA offers both a fixed model with black coated chipboard and a roller computer table, i.e. an easily movable version with lockable rollers. A computer desk with castors always makes sense if you have to move the desk frequently.

In terms of processing, all variants are convincing, as they are made of powder-coated steel tubing and are therefore correspondingly stable. Nevertheless, the weight is not too heavy, so they can also be easily moved if necessary. The small fixed table is very light and compact with a weight of around 11 kilograms. Thanks to the keyboard pull-out, the desk can be used very well with a desktop PC, but the models can also be used with a laptop.

The construction of the desks is very beginner-friendly and the processing of the individual parts is very good, especially considering the low price. However, you have to expect that not all parts are completely clean and 100% accurately painted. Smaller paint defects or unclean areas were more common in the test. You should consider this before buying.


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Fmd furniture 353-001


The model from FMD Möbel prevailed as the best computer desk with large storage space. It is a corner table that can also be used as a room divider, as the chest of drawers can also be used free-standing. The material used is chipboard, which is optionally available with a foil in wood decor or in white.

What was particularly positive in the test was the fact that the model can be mounted as a row or corner, as well as left or right. This results in a very high degree of flexibility and the ability to adapt to the local conditions. Since the attached table has no legs or cross braces, there is good legroom, which means that you can work comfortably and comfortably at the table. Unfortunately, there is no keyboard drawer, so the keyboard has to be placed directly on the desk surface, which somewhat reduces the available space.

The table itself measures approximately 136 x 75 x 68 cm and the shelf is approximately 137 x 71 x 33 centimeters. Before buying, consider that the two elements cannot be assembled and placed separately from one another.

Despite the relatively low price and the simple materials, the model is very secure and stable, easy to assemble and offers an overall very good price-performance ratio.


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Maja 16509799


The 80 x 51 x 83.7 cm model by Maja, which weighs around 25 kilograms, impressed with its robust construction and mobility thanks to the attached castors, two of which can be locked.

A white metal frame and an ESG safety glass plate are used for the glass computer table and there is both a keyboard pull-out and a height-adjustable and pull-out printer shelf. This results in good functionality despite the compact design. The optics convinced the testers, as the glass plates make a good and valuable impression and the frame is made of high quality and robust. However, you also have to be willing to pay a relatively high price for such a compact model. Simpler variants are much cheaper, but also offer easier processing.

Overall, the model is very stable and safe and the assembly was done quickly, even if the assembly instructions are a little more complicated than necessary, which means that the assembly was more laborious than it should have been for one or the other layman. A negative effect in the long-term test was that the pull-outs are a little too undersized for the relatively heavy glass plates, which leads to a small disadvantage in handling.


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Furniture design Team 2000 4505


The corner desk was able to convince as an inexpensive computer desk with a good price-performance ratio and high functionality. It offers two drawers, two large open compartments, an attachment for the monitor and a keyboard pull-out. The model is 115 centimeters wide, 44 or 73 centimeters deep and 72 centimeters high (83 centimeters including monitor attachment).

The material used is chipboard coated with a wood look, which is certainly not the ideal solution in terms of processing and design, but it is a very functional solution. The surface is easy to care for and robust and the assembly also turned out to be quite simple and uncomplicated, provided that the good instructions were followed. Note that the item description and some evaluation texts speak of "beech veneer".

Of course, this is not true, but it is a replica, i.e. a foil decoration. Due to the good stability in connection with the very reasonable price, the model can convince with a good price-performance ratio despite the simple processing.


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Germania 4841-58 | 484


The 72.5 x 151 x 8 cm desk from Germania, which weighs just under 40 kilograms, is a classic desk with three pull-outs (one lockable), a door and two open storage compartments.

There is also a keyboard pull-out and you can choose between two color variants (anthracite and walnut decor with black door and pull-out front).

The workmanship and stability are overall very good and the high-quality metal handles and the possibility of the drawer that can be locked with a key were also convincing in the test.

The only disadvantage in the test was the rather short and not so good keyboard drawer, which leads to a limitation in usability. Both the fact that it cannot be pulled out far and the relatively wobbly rails led to a devaluation of the otherwise very solid but also correspondingly expensive model from Germania.


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Left 30600570


The affordable model from Links prevailed as the best solid wood desk. The 137 x 61 x 76 centimeter desk offers good functionality, is made entirely of lacquered pine and is priced in the entry-level range for solid wood furniture.

Due to the special design and the fact that the assembly is a bit more complicated, it fell out of the usual test grid, but should not be missing at this point as the best model made of solid wood.

Once it is set up, it offers a high level of stability and plenty of storage space. Unfortunately, there is no keyboard drawer and there is not enough space for a desktop PC, which is why it is only partially suitable as a computer table for a fixed PC.

In addition to the desk, Links also offers a range of accessories such as roll containers or shelves so that it can be easily integrated into a system.


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