Which company is good for cosmetics

What do you want for your cosmetic studio?

First of all, you need to ask yourself the question, which professional cosmetics company and which cabin cosmetics would be right for you. Do you value treatments in the cabin with natural, animal-free cosmetic products or organic cosmetics? Is your main focus on doctor brands and years of experience in the cosmetics market? Would you like your future depot partner to produce in Germany? Is the awareness of the company important to you?
These are all questions that you should study carefully.

Our tip for you: Create a personal wish list. Make a note of what you want in the cosmetic booth. Your new depot partner should be a good match for you and your beauty salon.

This is what your depot partner offers you

Most important when deciding which high-quality products such as creams and serums you want to use in the cabin. You can find out in advance which ingredients are used in your favorite product line:

  • Test how the texture of the cosmetic products feels on the skin.
  • Clarify the quality and effect of the products.
  • Check whether the cosmetic products achieve the results on the skin during treatments that you imagine.

There are many different active ingredient formulations and high-quality products on the market that optimally care for the skin. Here you can find out which exclusive skin care suits you best. In our advertisement series you can get an idea of ​​which company is the right one for your beauty salon, spa or nail salon.

The cosmetics companies are happy to offer you individual advice. They explain to you whether you have to purchase a minimum order quantity for the beauty depot, what the prices are, how the order is processed and what training and advice is offered to you as a partner.
A partnership with a cosmetics company also includes aspects of further education, training as well as support in marketing and customer acquisition. Each provider has an individual offer that you can find out about.