What is newborn

Dealing with the newborn

Infants have very fine antennae for their mother's feelings. The mother's calm and poise is carried over to her child, as is her nervousness.

Most parents quickly find a certain routine in everyday life with their child. If the child cries, they simply test what is wrong with the child. But no sooner do you seem to know what the baby needs when it is crying, and none of the methods that have been successful to date can calm it down. In such situations, many parents understandably feel very helpless and insecure. But as the weeks go by, they appear less and less.

In the first few months of life you definitely cannot spoil a baby with too much physical contact. He was exposed to intense contact stimuli in the increasingly narrowing uterus. The skin, the sense of touch, is the most developed sense organ immediately after birth. And this sense still needs stimuli. They trigger a pleasant sense of well-being in the child and help the baby to build up so-called basic trust. The experience of being able to see something is completely new for babies. When breastfeeding, they initially seek eye contact with the mother, and later with other people around them. And at some point, usually after four to six weeks, the first smile crosses his face when he sees his father or mother. And that smile makes parents addicted to more! By the way, a basis for the child's later contact and communication skills is developed.

Even when changing diapers, the sometimes screaming child can be gently tuned through eye contact and friendly words. Some babies, on the other hand, soothe their mother's singing or a music box. Discovering and accepting these peculiarities is an ability of the parents that increases the baby's well-being and gives him a feeling of security - an important cornerstone for the development of basic trust. According to my psychologists, it is on this basic trust that people's self-esteem is built.

Dealing with gravity is a whole new experience for a newborn. Many babies therefore feel very uncomfortable when they are lying down. If you take them upright in your arms, they are immediately satisfied.

Only at the age of about 3 years is the child really able to recognize itself as a being that exists independently of the mother. But before that happens, the child goes through a process of cutting the cord in several phases.