Famous DJs may have side careers

Addendum from July 13th: reactions
After the words of repentance, public opinion is divided.

TV star Ernst Hannawald thinks:

"The performance was played and unbelievable."

Ingrid van Bergen, on the other hand, thinks:

"A kneeling like Friedman made it costs everyone to overcome. You can only say: Hats off! I know: After such a break in life, it is important to look ahead. It takes a lot of strength."
Bärbel Schäfer, who had her first public appearance on Thursday in the WDR talk show "Müller-live", said dressed all in black:

"I am fully behind him."

The "Bild am Sonntag" from July 13th presumes on the front in large letters:

Friedman wedding with Bärbel Schäfer?

Addendum dated July 15, 2003: Generous forgiveness pays off, parallel to Clinton?
Women who stand by their husbands even after a serious misstep can benefit from their generous behavior. Indulgent brave women sometimes get a bonus, as the example of Hillary Clinton shows, whose path to success after a divorce in its current form would have been unthinkable. Thanks to her perseverance as a politician, Clinton was able to market her book about the events during the "Monika" affair as a bestseller and may even have a chance of running for President of the United States in 2008, even a 2004 candidacy is not yet 100% ruled out. It is unclear whether Bärbel Schäfer will benefit from their behavior like Clinton. She has seized the opportunity and could, as it were, become a second Hillary Clinton. Because: Those who forgive generously usually score points with the population. However, as with Clinton, what we will hardly find out is whether the procedure is honest, merely clever, or even calculating. Like wicked tongues, the repentant lover could be in a relationship of dependency after a wedding, which Schäfer could later exploit.

Hillary Clinton also had advertising appearances for her book in Germany. She also performed with Merkel at Christiansen. The show was seen by 6 million viewers. Clinton plays the PR drum skillfully. The presenter Tucker Carlson (who is not a Clinton fan at all) of the CNN show "Crossfire" said a month ago that he would eat his shoe if Clinton had sold more than a million books of "Living History" in a month. When the million books were sold, Clinton surprisingly brought a giant castle shoe onto the show to make it easier for him to cash in the bet. The surprise appearance was, of course, another advertisement for her book.