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Amazon customer reviews - a plausible income opportunity?

How to become a product tester on Amazon

Amazon Vine cannot be compared to the Amazon partner program. You can't just join here. Not even if you've already written numerous reviews. To become a Vine product tester you have to receive an invitation from Amazon. Only then is it possible to receive different products and write reviews about these. When exactly you receive an invitation, however, is at the discretion of Amazon. But you have a comparatively good chance if you write numerous reviews and they are of good quality. Reviews that are marked as helpful by customers are particularly valued. The reviews should also go into as much detail as possible and cover many aspects of the product.

The duties of a Vine product tester

In principle, you have two tasks that you have to fulfill as a Vine product tester. These are the testing and evaluation of products. So you get products from Amazon. From this point of view, it does not matter where these products come from. Most of the time, however, these are manufacturers or companies. As soon as you have received the product, you should test it immediately. Then you write a review on the tested product. You are free to rate products positively or negatively. The main thing is that the tests were carried out conscientiously and the evaluation is neutral. By the way, you should make sure that you do not exceed the time limit. The products must be tested and reviewed within 30 days. Of course, this period only applies if you have already received the product.


What an Amazon Vine Review Should Look Like

Of course, if you want to maintain your status as a Vine reviewer, you have to get good reviews on. As mentioned earlier, these should be as detailed as possible and cover many aspects of the product. The screenshot shown here shows very well what a commendable review could look like. However, to get a better insight, we should also look at the second excerpt from this review. After all, these are only part of the reviews.

Based on the two screenshots, we now have the entire review in front of us. It's about the Samsonite S’Cure Spinner 55/20 case, 55cm, 34 L, Aqua Blue. As you can see, the review is downright long, which is correct. Many reviews consist of a sentence or two, which of course rarely gives a clear picture of a product. Hence, it is important to write long and detailed reviews. The local reviewer has incorporated numerous aspects of the product. Even a little story about his previous experience with the brand are included in the review. At the end there is a clear conclusion. An interested customer can use this as a guide. Therefore, a conclusion should never be missing. If you use this style of writing your reviews, you have a good chance of maintaining your status as a Vine reviewer. You can also assume that new products will be sent to you on a regular basis.

How To Make Money From Amazon Reviews

Of course, the only question that remains is how you actually earn money with Amazon customer reviews. Because what many do not know, you do not receive any compensation from Amazon for your reviews. However, you have the big advantage that you get the products sent to you free of charge. Depending on what kind of product it is, the whole thing can be worthwhile. But that would not have made any money. However, you can do this by reselling the products. However, you should only do this after you have really tested them and wrote the reviews. Since you didn't pay any money for the products, you can of course earn quite a bit this way. Especially when you receive a lot of products. However, this is not uncommon. Many Vine reviewers can hardly save themselves from products and are continuously testing and evaluating. If you like this type of activity, you can give it a try. As I said, there is unfortunately no guarantee that you will actually be invited to Amazon Vine. However, it is clear that there is a lot of money to be made from it.