What is the history of shift management


Gustaf is an intelligent shift management solution that uses the best of AI technology. Gustaf takes care of shift changes on behalf of managers and contacts the employees in order to find a suitable replacement for free shifts in real time. In conjunction with Beekeeper, this integration is a powerful tool for shift management and hotel operations in general.

When a shift is open, Gustaf checks the availability of the workforce in accordance with union and labor laws, automatically taking into account seniority, reasonable breaks and overtime. As soon as Gustaf has identified available and compliant shift changes, the app contacts these employees in their preferred language. As soon as a suitable solution has been found, the roster is automatically updated and the managers receive a notification of the latest shift changes.


Immediate resolution of staff absences

Open shift occupancies are found in real time while union and labor laws are complied with.

Automation of the shift cycle

Gustaf's chatbot organizes shifts, contacts Springer and informs managers about changes in the duty roster.

Current shift change

The availability of employees and management for shift changes around the clock means that telephone calls are superfluous.

A single central employee app

Automated shift communication in via Beekeeper, in which information is logged and saved.


About Gustaf

Gustaf is a software solution from When Labs that digital managers develop to make work easier. Their first digital management solution, Gustaf, uses artificial intelligence to handle the paperwork, compromise with employees, and ensure quality of service as well as consistency and compliance.