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New Open Access Journals in Mathematics

At the beginning of 2017, several mathematical journals were converted into open access journals. Very different approaches were chosen.

Acta Mathematica and Arkiv for mathematicspublished by the Mittag-Leffler Institute of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, will appear in the future on International Press, where the online version will be freely accessible. Older editions are made available on Project Euclid. Acta Mathematica is one of the most renowned mathematics journals and, with a Journal Impact Factor of 3.719, ranks second (out of 312) in the Mathematics category. There are no article fees for the authors; according to the publisher, the journals are to be financed by the ongoing sale of the print edition. The articles are not published under a free license, but the manuscript may be made available on the company's own homepage and on arXiv.

The journal Internet Mathematics, which deals with complex networks, takes a different approach. This magazine was founded in 2003 and was last published by Taylor & Francis. When the publisher wanted to discontinue it on January 1, 2017, the editors decided to turn it into an arXiv overlay journal based on the model of Discrete Analysis. The moderate costs are borne by Ryerson University, so the magazine will be free of charge not only for readers but also for authors. The authors keep their rights and publish their articles under a CC-BY license. Internet Mathematics will continue to be indexed in MathSciNet, zbMATH and Scopus and will keep its ISSN, the articles receive a DOI. Also with the support of Ryerson University, the archive of the journal could be bought by Taylor & Francis, so that the older issues will also be freely accessible.

The switch from traditional journals to Open Access is gratifying and offers the advantage that the reputation is taken with it and does not have to be rebuilt. It is even more gratifying when not only access is free, but, as in the case of Internet Mathematics, Open Access is actually implemented, i.e., thanks to open licenses, easy re-use is also made possible.