Reads Harry Potter Haram

Fantasizing in Islam?

Selam Aley küm,

I once read that e.g. To imagine figures and magical beings is Haram, because it comes close to creation and as everyone knows, only Allah can do this. Just as it should be haram to draw or depict invented characters, whether cartoons or mangas. I've been thinking about it, but shouldn't all the films, books, etc. that certain authors, filmmakers or other have made up themselves also commit a sin? Because that is what the respective people have thought up, which is close to creation - only Allah's power.

E.g. Joanne K. Rowling (author and producer of Harry Potter books and films) It is sometimes said that she "made Harry Potter". Of course, this is just a phrase and not meant literally. But would that be a sin and the wrath of Allah rests on this famous person? (Of course not only this woman is meant by this)

My opinion on this would be: Allah sees in our soul what our real intention is. Thus, only those would be punished who had their own fantasized ideas, e.g. A world of magic or another god, wanting to protest against almighty Allah or not wanting to accept the world that Allah created or wanting another god.

Other people, however, like me for example. just introduce us to such fantasy worlds or fantasy characters for fun and pastime and draw pictures of them or write stories about such things. With this I do not want to harm Allah, whose world, which was created by him, is perfect, beautiful and full of joy.

Another point is that Allah has given each of us humans a talent that is waiting to be discovered (e.g. swimming, drawing, playing music, etc.) and if this were Haram, he would not have given us the talent. I e.g. I like to draw, and without wanting to show off, well and would like to further develop this talent and maybe later. take it as a profession. And would it be Haram to come up with something like that in his imagination? Because of course Allah gave us our imagination and so it would be, in my opinion, halal.

Sorry for the long text and thank you very much for taking the time to read it. If there is something in the text that would be racist or haram, then I apologize for it now, it is not meant that way :-) May Allah forgive us and guide us to the right path.

Final question: Your opinion on this would also be important to me, thank you dear sisters and brothers :) May Allah protect and forgive you :-)