What software did you use to draw?

Drawing programs & apps - My recommendations 2020

Photoshop is not specific to digital drawing designed, but brings one enormous range of functions with it that it can also be used wonderfully for this.

Even more: About 95% of all professionals Illustrators, concept artists, and game artists that I know use Photoshop at one point or another in their workflow.


Whether for digital drawing or painting, photo editing / retouching, video data editing, smaller 3D works or even animation - Photoshop offers pretty much everything to create high-quality digital graphics both for the web and for printing in CMYK.


This is what happens in the Cloud version with other compatible programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, Aftereffects or Premiere. With this complete package, you can create anything you can imagine, with the exception of professional 3D art: pixel and vector art, videos, photos, audio, animations, graphic design, basic 3D art, web design, PDFs and much more. and.


Even for that iPad Photoshop is now available, even if it will take some time before the range of functions can keep up with the "normal" Photoshop for PC.


However, the large range of functions requires that beginners have a longer training period and the adjustment of the pen settings, for example, is a little more complex. But once you have cleared this first hurdle, the digital processing world is practically open to you.


I love this program more than anything and am already working with it for over 10 years. For some time now the development company has Adobe the program, however, on one Subscription model rearranged. The high costs (around € 70 per month) can be a deterrent for many beginners. As a freelance artist, I can deduct these costs for tax purposes, but of course I can understand if you, as a beginner or hobby artist, would rather save costs.


Nevertheless, I would like to recommend the program to you, as it offers so much and on virtually all topics Tutorials find online. The cloud version, i.e. the complete package with all programs, does not have to be mandatory if you are not a professional artist yourself.


There are three Adobe alternatives for this:


1. Photoshop photo subscription - With this subscription you only get the single application: Photoshop as well as Lightroom for desktop & tablet - € 11.89 per month


2. Adobe cloud subscription for students - Are you still a student? Then with this special subscription you get all Adobe programs in the cloud version for a strong discount - € 19.34 per month


3. Photoshop Elements - This is a stripped-down version of Photoshop and available for a one-time price. As a beginner, you can get to know Photoshop wonderfully and still have the most important functions available - € 98.77 one-time.