Can a poisoned dog be cured

The missing dogs

The missing dogs


Hunter (hunting area - west)

The missing dogs is a side quest in the DLC The Mark of the Assassin.

Receipt [edit | Edit source]

Talk to the screaming hunter in the West Hunting Area. It is southwest of the entrance to the Chateu.

Plot [edit | Edit source]

A hunter says that his two dogs ran after a deer but never reappeared. He asks Hawke to find his dogs.

Once in the hunting area East, Hawke comes across one of the two dogs. This leads him to the other dog, who has probably poisoned itself from something. Tallis discovers it's wyvern poison. The dog can be cured with the antidote from the quest The Master's Ointment. Alternatively, Hawke can release the dog from its suffering.

If the antidote is used, the two dogs run back to their master, who is very grateful.

Reward [edit | Edit source]

Just leave the dog behind without doing anything:

  • 150 XP, no money or item

When the antidote has been used on the dog

  • 1
  • 300 XP (heal dog) and 900 XP (quest completion)
  • Dogmaster's short bow

When the dog is killed