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“Bigger than you think”: Interview with Diane Weigmann


Published on: May 4th, 2019 | by Florian Puschke


As already announced in the special on Rotschopf Records and Diane Weigmann, here is the interview with questions from Tough Magazine - but also from you!

Dear Diane, thank you very much for taking the time to interview. Shortly before the release of your comeback album. How do you feel. Do you feel this is a comeback and how strong is it tingling so shortly before the start?
Diane: Hey dear ones, it actually feels a bit like a fresh start, even though I feel so confident and also almost never in what I'm doing at the same time. I always made music the whole time, but more from the second row. Writing for other artists, producing and still being on stage, even if musically more in the children's and youth sector with my team from 3Berlin. But it's different when I can play my very own songs in front of an audience and get a direct reaction to it. Just like now, for example, when I was out with Anna Loos.

The new CD is proudly called "Bigger Than You Think" and appears on Rotschopf Records. How did you start your own record company?
Diane: I founded my own record company back in 2012, back then with the help of crowdfunding from my fans. Even then, I thought that this was a very logical consequence of all my experience in the music industry. I myself worked for almost a year for Hot Action Records, the label of die ärzte from Berlin. I learned a lot there that is important for an artist behind the scenes, on the other side of the industry. This independence gives you a good feeling, you are not dependent on anyone, but you are also not accountable to anyone in terms of sales figures or supposed successes. Of course, that takes a lot of pressure off the matter.

“9 out of 10 points” as the first single and also the opener on the album. “With small steps into the world”. You describe a person's résumé nicely. Is it autobiographical? Do you personally strive for 9 out of 10 points?
Diane: The whole song is autobiographical, but in fact it is formulated in such a way that it actually fits other people's résumé as well. Because there are simply special stations for each of us that we go through at certain times or sections. The main thing is that we know that there must always be a wish that does not come true. Especially when we are actually aware that the most important parameters may have long been met. Basically, it's about satisfaction and about recognizing the big things in the little things, which can make us happy. And then it's not so important to want to cross the really big goals off the to-do list, when the many small goals that we have achieved make us so happy.

Diane Weigmann - Bigger than you think

"Elvis is dead". Elvis lives on through music. But not in you. A beautiful romantic love song. A great love expressed through the death of another person. Very well done. Describe the genesis of the song.
Diane: It's actually about my dad in this song - exactly. And the idea that all the great idols and icons of our time, of which it is so popular to say that they are “forever in us”, must give way, because our own loved one, when they die, is there in our memory Should find space. I thought it was a nice mind game. So who has to go then? My dad himself had sideburns from late Elvis from the seventies, maybe that's why I came up with Elvis Presley.

"Let things take their course". "Who knows what's going to happen". As a mother, how can you "let things take their course" privately and professionally.
Diane: Letting things take its course is actually something I've struggled with for years. This is something that I really wrote on a piece of paper like a “mantra” or as wisdom and had to say to myself over and over again. It is good when you try to take things in hand and have a say. But there are just things that you have no control over or where time dictates when they happen. This is something I only learned late now. At the crucial moment, simply trusting that things will happen the way they should happen. I am very happy about this knowledge.

Since I don't want to reveal too much about the album, I would like to leave you a word about it. What are your personal highlights of the album and which songs are more than "9 out of 10" for you.
Diane: I absolutely love the album because every song has its own story. And what I like most is that it has depth, but is also danceable and goes extremely well in the ear. I just come down when I hear it and at the same time it lifts the mood and lets me move on. "Three chords and a heart“For example, it's such a big catchy tune - the song is about the fact that even a very simple and simply written song can be good as long as it was written with the right intention and with heart and soul. "How soft you land“Is a song about the fact that one often imagines worst-case scenarios, but in the end they turn out very differently, mostly much better. Basically, it is also important to trust that things will come together.

Diane Weigmann - Always a part of me

To the album. Do you have an anecdote for us?
Diane: Finishing the album was not that easy, because in the middle of the production when Thimo, Henrik and I were recording, Henrik let us know that it was no longer possible for him to live completely from the music and that was why he was back want to take a job in an advertising agency. That hit me extremely because I think he's an extremely talented songwriter and producer. But above all because we had to pause in the middle of the workflow and think about how to continue. We tried to exchange ideas with other producers here and there, but in the end my long-time guitarist Thimo and I rented a small house near Berlin on the Havel. For a week from morning to evening we locked us in with our instruments, the laptop and the music and brought the album to an end. We have grown beyond ourselves in the truest sense of the word. We didn't need a big producer or someone to handle it for us. I'm really happy about that. So much for the topic "grow beyond yourself“, The silent and secret guide of my album. That's why the first thousand copies come with a shrink-wrapped sachet with wildflower seeds as a goodie.

Dear Diane, some fans also wanted to know something about you. Thanks also for taking your time! Here are a few selected questions:

What do your kids say about your music? Do you listen more to Diane when she sings or when she scolds at home?
Diane: Those are great questions! I am happy that my children actually perceive me as a very warm-hearted mother. They confirm to me every day that they love me and only want me as their mom. It's not like my voice can't get very loud now and then. Especially if you have to. But personally, I prefer it when she stays normal. So rather sing than scold.

What are you doing in 10 years?
Diane: Hopefully the same as now, because I am very happy with my team from 3Berlin (my production team with whom I write and record a lot of commissioned works, children's music, music for radio plays, cinema, TV or advertising). I have the best colleagues in the world. If I can still send my own songs out into the world as a solo artist and stand on stages with them, watch my children grow up happy and everyone stay healthy, then I am the happiest person in the world.

What is the "best for you"? and who is the song dedicated to?
Diane: The song is dedicated to my husband, with whom I have been together for 20 years and who is also the father of my children. I have rewritten the song for some dear people, personalized for their wedding, because the song brought me good luck and for me it is a very important song. Incidentally, the song has the longest “box sentence” in the chorus that a song can ever have!

Diane Weigmann - 9 out of 10 points

Do women sometimes like a bit of a punch?
Diane: Exactly as the doctors described Song: the macho is welcome to get hit on the nose!

How did you come up with the connection to Bela / Ärzten? Is there something planned again?
Diane: As a member of the Lemonbabies, I got to know the doctors and, of course, Bela B. I was then allowed to sing several times for him as well as for the doctors backings at studio songs. Otherwise he is simply a dear long-term friend whom I never want to lose sight of.

You sang duets with Bela B. Which artist would you like to have on your album?
Diane: Besides Bela B. there are a few German-speaking voices that I really like. Or rather German-speaking artists who I think are absolutely great. I know some of them personally. Who I really appreciate musically is for example Johannes Oerding, Bosse, Clueso, Michel Van Dyke, Adel Tawil ... There are many very touching voices.

Why don't you have a stage name?
Diane: Who says Diane Weigmann is my real name? Maybe I've got married by now and my name is completely different?

You do so many different things, what is the least you can do without?
Diane: It is precisely the sum of all these different things that make me a very fulfilling musician. All this TOGETHER enables me to do my thing very freely and independently.

What music do you listen to privately?
Diane: I like Coldplay, Paul Weller, the Beatles, Elvis Costello, soul, beat, folk even country. German-speaking pop, especially the musicians mentioned above. As long as the song has something that touches me!

With the lemon babies you took your first steps in the music business. When will we see a comeback?
Diane: Will there ever be a reunion with the girls? I have no idea ... but the fact is that we are in very close contact with each other like sisters and we keep talking about whether it could be fun to take the stage together again. But of course, each of us also has our own two feet in a completely different place in life. It's just the question of whether you would give up certain things in order to seriously devote yourself to a comeback. But mostly things in the past are much nicer than when you suddenly have to get serious again 30 years later and someone still has any expectations, right?

Diane Weigmann - Seven Lives

Is it true that rock musicians write the better ballads (as opposed to pop musicians) Which is your favorite ballad (German, English)?
Diane: When it comes to the big gestures and the particularly pathetic hooks, I'm definitely right. But one of the most beautiful love ballads in my eyes is actually by Dolly Parton "I will always love you". And precisely because this (Originla! -) version is kept so small and so intimate, it is so much more beautiful than the big, kitschy version by Whitney Houston.

Do you know a public woman who is funnier and more spontaneous than Barbara Schöneberger?
Diane: Barbara Schöneberger is a great entertainer and great presenter, I have valued her for a long time. Similar to an Ina Müller or Anke Engelke. All totally sympathetic women with humor and the heart in the right place - and quick-witted too. I also think Martina Hill and Enissa Amani or Carolin Kebekus are really great, but there are now so many great, funny and self-determined women in the industry. The list could get longer ...

Are you interested in reviews?
Diane: Of course, I'm interested in reviews. And of course it doesn't leave you indifferent if you have to read something stupid about yourself. But precisely BECAUSE everything comes out of my hand, precisely because I have puzzled over everything I do and did it with a lot of love and passion, I also feel a little more unassailable. Because I know exactly why I did what and with what intention.

When are you going on a solo tour?
Diane: I really hope that in autumn there will be a couple of concerts or even a little tour. Of course, that only works if a lot of CDs are bought so that the organizers get the idea that I'm back.

Dear Diane, please complete the following sentences:
Meanwhile, Diane is no longer a "blank slate" because ...
Diane: ... at the age of 45 you have seen, experienced, felt and felt a lot ... Something has to fill the page.

My personal mixtape (from the song "Durch Raum und Zeit") contains the following three songs ...
Diane: I can't possibly name just three songs now. But if then they would most likely be from Coldplay, the Beatles and Paul Weller.

For me, interviews are ...
Diane: ... a welcome encounter where, in the best case scenario, you can even have a good conversation.

Rotschopf Records is a bit like Pipi Longstocking, because ...
Diane: ... it's a one-girl record label. And even without a monkey on my shoulder, I'm the strong girl who can bring out what she wants! Wildflower seeds for everyone!

Tough Magazine is ...
Diane: … A magazine with great articles that thrives on loving research and beautifully written articles, especially about artists that you won't find in every big magazine.

Thanks for the detailed interview. The last words are yours!
Diane: Thank you for such smart questions and the great interview!

Interview by Thorsten in April 2019

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