Surveillance cameras work without electricity

The best smart surveillance cameras

Wolfgang Emmer, Hans-Christian Dirscherl

We present smart surveillance cameras that you can use to monitor your home from your smartphone. With WiFi, face recognition and also for outdoors. Update: Netatmo smart outdoor camera with alarm siren.

EnlargeYou can receive the image of modern surveillance cameras on almost any device. Here using the example of the welcome camera from Netatmo.

PC-WELT and Macwelt are continuously testing smart surveillance cameras and WLAN surveillance cameras as well as weatherproof surveillance cameras for outside.

Surveillance cameras in price comparison

We present clever surveillance cameras that are not stingy with smart functions such as face recognition, control via app or automatic storage in the cloud. We have tested most of the cameras presented here and linked our test reports.

Netatmo: Smart outdoor camera with alarm siren

Netatmo has presented a “smart outdoor camera with alarm siren”. The camera should be able to differentiate between people, animals, vehicles and insignificant movements and inform the user immediately by message including video as soon as something happens in the camera's detection range.

price : 349.99 euros (RRP)

Arlo Pro 3: Camera with a bright LED light in the test

The third generation of the smart surveillance camera brings a number of useful innovations, but not all of them work without complaint.

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EZVIZ C3A Security Camera for outdoor use in the test

Image and sound quality are excellent, the app is well thought out and the camera is quite easy to use. However, if you value a high level of security, you cannot avoid the cloud subscription.

Conclusion: Easy to set up and weatherproof.

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Reolink Argus 2: Smart accessories for high flexibility

The cameras, which are quite inexpensive at 150 euros, can be operated inside and outside, and the battery makes them independent of a power connection. An additional solar panel available for 30 euros provides fresh energy on request, so you don't have to worry about recharging. Disadvantage: No cloud storage, recordings end up on a - disposable - micro SD card.

Conclusion: Inexpensive and flexible camera for outdoor use

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Reolink Go: The great independence

EnlargeMaximum independence in the cellular network and with a solar panel (not in the picture)

The Reolink Go takes the concept of the Argus 2 a step further: like this, it can be operated with a solar panel, so it never has to be brought near the socket. But it also works where there is no WiFi: With a microSIM, it connects to the Internet via LTE. Disadvantage: microSIM is not optional, but essential; the Reolink Go cannot be set up outside of the wireless network. In addition, there is still no way of uploading photos and videos initiated by the motion sensor to the cloud - if the camera with the microSIM, microSD and household items disappears, good advice is expensive. With its 7800 mAh, the battery is convincing across the board. The price: 300 euros. Without microSD, data plan and solar panel.

Conclusion: For places without electricity and WiFi

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Blink: Flexible IP cameras for indoors and outdoors

EnlargeSync module, outdoor camera and two indoor cameras

Small, flexible and a good picture: Blink's cameras are convincing, only the sound is one-sided.

Conclusion: Inexpensive surveillance camera with free cloud storage.