Meditation is the death of the mind

The death

Great scientists, the inventors of many wonderful things, powerful emperors who achieved amazing feats, inspired poets, wonderful artists, many brahmins, rishis and yogis have come and gone. You would really like to know what has become of them. Do they still exist? What's on the other side of death? Did they not exist or did they dissolve into an airy nothing? What is death What happens after death Such questions arise spontaneously in the hearts of all people. The same question arises today as it was asked thousands of years ago. Nobody can silence it, because it is inextricably linked with our nature.

The thought of death has always been the most powerful motivating force for religion and religious life. Death makes people seek immortality.

Man fears death. Man doesn't want to die. He wants to live forever. That is the starting point of philosophy. Philosophy asks questions and researches. She boldly proclaims: “Oh man, do not be afraid of death. There is an immortal home. That is Brahman. This is your own atman that resides deep in your heart. Purify your heart and meditate on this pure, immortal, immutable self. Then you will attain immortality.

You cannot die because you were never born. You are immortal atman. Birth and death are two false scenes in the Mayan unreal game. They only concern the physical shell, a false product made from the union of the five elements. The ideas of birth and death are pure superstition.

Every soul is a circle. The line limiting the circumference is nowhere, but the center point is in the body. Death means the transition of this center from body to body. So why should you fear death?

What is death

Death is the separation of the soul from the physical body. The entering of the soul into a body is called birth. The departure of the soul from the body is called death. A body is dead when the soul is gone.

Death is a door that opens from one aspect of life to another. Death is the cessation of physical or physical activity, physical and organic functions and physical awareness. Death is the transition from one state of being to another, a change in the form of consciousness to another plane, to an astral or spiritual one. Ice becomes water and water becomes steam, vapor and invisible gas, depending on the degree of vibration. Such is life on the physical, astral and spiritual levels.

Death does not end your personality or your self-confidence. He just opens the door to a higher form of life. Death is just a passage to a fuller life.

Death does not erase personality. It is just the cessation of an important individuality. It's just a change in shape. Life continues to flow towards its search for the universal, life continues to flow until it merges into the Eternal.

Death is not the end of life. It is an aspect of life. It is a natural occurrence in the course of life. It is necessary for your evolution.

Death is not the opposite of life. It's just a phase of life. Life flows on incessantly. The fruit is rotting, but the seed is full of life. The seed dies, but a giant tree grows from the seed. The tree perishes, but it turns into coal that has a rich life. Water disappears but becomes invisible vapor that contains a new germ of life. The stone disappears, but becomes lime that is full of new life. The physical shell is only thrown away, but life continues.

The dissolution of the body is nothing more than sleep. Just as a person sleeps and wakes up, so it is with death and birth. Death is like sleep. Birth is like awakening. Death brings promotion to a new, better life. A person of discernment and wisdom does not fear death. He knows that death is the door to life. For him, death is no longer a skeleton that carries a sword to take his life away, but rather an angel who carries a golden key to open the door to a far better, more fulfilled and happier existence for him.

Birth follows death like waking up after sleep. You will resume the work that was left in your last life. So do not be afraid of death.

Birth and death are jokes by Maya. He who is born begins to die. Whoever dies begins to live. Life is death and death is life. Birth and death are the entrance and exit of this world.

Just as you go from one house to another, the soul wanders from one body to another to gain experience. Just as a person sheds worn clothes and puts on new ones, the indwelling soul also sheds worn bodies and enters new ones.

Oh man, do not be afraid of death. Death is a deceptive phenomenon. Death is the dissolution of the elements. You are immortal, Amara.

Sign of death

It is very difficult to find out the real signs of death. Stopping your heartbeat, stopping your pulse, or breathing are not real signs of death. The cessation of the heartbeat, the pulse and the breathing, corpse-like rigidity of the limbs, sticky sweat on the body and a lack of body heat are the well-known signs of death. The doctor tries to determine if there is a corneal reflex in the eye. He tries to bend the leg. These signs are not the real signs of death, because there have been cases where breathing and heartbeat stopped and the person was resuscitated after a while.

Hatha yogis are put in a box and buried underground for forty years. Then they are taken out and come back to life. Breathing can stand still for a long time. In cases of apparent death, breathing stops for two e. Many cases have been reported. The heartbeat can stop for hours, even long, and then start again. Hence, it is extremely difficult to say what the actual or ultimate sign of death is. The decomposition and putrefaction of the body are perhaps the only definitive signs of death.

Nobody should be buried immediately after death, before decomposition has begun. You may think the person is dead and they may just be in a trance, tetanus, ecstasy, or samadhi. Trance, samadhi, tetanus, and ecstasy are states that are similar to death. The outward signs are similar.

People who have suffered from heart failure should not be buried immediately as breathing may resume after a while. The burial should not take place until the decomposition has started.

The journey of the soul after death

When a person dies, he takes with him the constant linga sharira, which consists of the five jnana indriyas, the five karma indriyas, the five pranas, the mind, the buddhi, the chitta, the ahankara and the changeable karmasraya which is the formation of the next life determined.

The soul gathers all senses and withdraws them. The physical senses grow weaker and weaker, like the flame in a lamp, as the fuel slowly runs out. The subtle body, Sukshma Sharira, goes out of the physical body like a mist.

Accompanied by the main stream of life, Mukhya Prana, the sense organs and the spirit, the soul leaves the previous body, takes with it Avidya, good and bad works and the impressions that have remained from previous existences, and receives a new body. As it passes from one body to another, it becomes enveloped in the subtle parts of the elements that are the seeds for the new body.

The soul has a vision of the body it will get. Just as a beetle or a caterpillar grasps one object before it gives up the other, the soul imagines the future body before leaving the present body.

The dissolution of the elements at death

This physical body is made up of the five great elements, the Mahabhutas, namely earth, water, fire, air and ether. The devas or gods have a divine, light-like body. Fire tattva predominates in them. The earth tattva predominates in man. In the case of aquatic animals, the water tattva predominates. In the case of birds, the air tattva predominates.

The strength in the body is based on the proportion of earth; the liquid is based on the water content; the warmth you feel in your body is based on fire; moving to and fro and the like rely on air; space is based on Akasa or ether. Jivatma, the individual soul, is different from the five elements.

After death, these elements dissolve. They reach their original sources in the inexhaustible reservoir of nature. The earth element goes back to the camp of Prithivi Tattwa. The other elements also return to their sources.

The respective organ functions merge with the deities above them. Seeing goes to the sun, from where it had the power of seeing, language goes to fire, the breath of life to the air, hearing to the source, the body to the earth, the hair to annual plants, scalp hair to trees and blood and seeds to the Water.


There is no pain in the moment of death. Ignorant people have spread many terrible and terrible things about death. In the Garuda Purana and the Atma Purana it is described that the agony of death is comparable to the pain caused by 72,000 scorpion stings. This is only said to instill fear in the audience and readers and to induce them to work for moksha. In spiritism there is the unanimous report of enlightened spirits that there is not the slightest pain while dying. They clearly describe their experiences during death and find that by shedding their physical body they have been relieved of a heavy burden and that they enjoy complete serenity in shedding their bodies. Maya creates unnecessary fear in the onlookers by inducing cramp-like twisting of the body. That is their nature and habit. Do not be afraid of agony. You are immortal, Amara.

Prayer for the dead

Immediately after death, the souls of the dead remain in a state of powerlessness and unconsciousness. They cannot feel that they are detached from their previous gross, material bodies. Prayer, kirtan and good thoughts from relatives and friends can bring much comfort to the souls who have passed away. They create a powerful vibration and awakening in their numbed state of mind and bring back the enveloped consciousness. The souls begin to realize that they are not really in their gross physical bodies.

Then they try to cross the border area, a narrow ethereal river which the Hindus call Vaitarani, the Parsen Chinnat Bridge and the Mohammedans Sirat.

When the souls that have passed away are sunk in peace and ready to awaken gloriously in heaven, the weeping and wailing of friends and relatives will shake them back into vivid memories of life in the world. The thoughts of the mourners create similar vibrations in their minds, causing intense pain and discomfort. And the uncontrolled grief of relatives pulls them down from their astral plane. This can seriously delay your journey to the heavenly world. That brings them a lot of suffering.

Final thought forms

A person's last thought guides his future fate. He determines his next birth.

The last thought of a lustful man will be the thought of his wife. An incorrigible drinker's last thought will be of his liquor bottle. A greedy moneylender's last thought will be of his money. The last thought of a fighting soldier will be to kill the enemy. The last thought of a mother attached to her only son will be of her son.

Out of compassion, Raja Bharata raised a deer and attached himself to it. His last thought was the thought of that deer. Therefore he had to be born a deer.

Man always desires to die in peace with his mind turned to God. This is why the Gita, Bhagavatam, Vishnu Sahasranama and other scriptures are read on the death bed of a sick person; even if he may not be able to speak, he may still hear what is read to him. This will help the sick person to forget the thoughts of his body or his illness and to think about God. When his memory fails, the scriptures will remind him of his true nature.

It is very difficult to maintain God-consciousness at the time of death, when illnesses torment the body and consciousness fades. But for the person who has disciplined his mind all his life and who has tried to fix the mind on God through constant practice, the ultimate thought will be only of God. This cannot be achieved by aimless practice in a week or two, or a week or a month. It is a lifelong pursuit and endeavor.

The length of time between death and rebirth

People want to know the exact period of time that elapses between the moment of leaving the body and the moment of rebirth. Will the soul take on a new body in a year? Does it take ten years? How long do you live in more subtle realms before coming back to earth? These are some of the questions.

There are two main factors that determine this, namely the nature of one's own karma and the last impression made before death. It can vary from hundreds of years to a few months. Those who work out some karma in other planes in more subtle areas take a long time before they take on a fresh body again. The interval is very long, because a year on earth goes by like a year on the heavenly plane. An incident is reported when a saint who was in the area, seeing the amazement and admiration of foreign tourists at the impressive remains of some ancient monuments, discovered that some of these people had built the monuments centuries ago.

Sometimes a very sensory person with strong desire or very strong attachment will be reborn very quickly. Even in cases in which life is ended by violent death or by a sudden, unexpected accident, the jiva takes up the thread again very quickly. Usually, in cases of immediate rebirth, the jiva often remembers many events in its previous life. He recognizes former relatives and friends and the old home and familiar objects.

Sometimes this leads to very strange developments. There are cases where a murdered person, after being reborn, portrayed the manner in which they were murdered and revealed the identity of the murderer. A reincarnated individual once walked purposefully and revealed the treasure it had hidden.

The vast majority do not have this memory. This is really a blessing given by the Most Wise Being. Such memories would make our present life very complicated. The past remains hidden from you until it is good and helpful to remember it. When you reach perfection and come to the end of a cycle, everything will be revealed and you will see a whole wreath of life wrapped around your personality.

But such cases of immediate rebirth are not common. In general, for the average person, the period between death and rebirth is a considerable amount of time when expressed in terms of earth time. People who have done a lot of good karma spend a considerable amount of time on the Daivic plane before they are born again. Great souls, spiritually advanced people, wait a long time before reincarnating.

In the phase between death and rebirth, the departed spirit, especially if the person is physically and spiritually developed, can often materialize on the earth plane if the need arises. He takes on a human form, speaks and can also make himself noticeable through a tactile touch. Such phenomena can be photographed.

Such a materialized form is not the astral body, which cannot be seen by normal eyesight. It is the exact counterpart, a subtle ‘double’, to the physical body and represents the vehicle in which the soul that has passed away travels after death.

Astral consciousness, however, cannot guarantee freedom from birth and death. Occultism and spiritism cannot bring ultimate liberation; neither can they reveal the full mystery of the hereafter. Spiritual realization and self-knowledge alone will reveal the mystery of life and death, as well as life after death.

Do not be afraid of death

Death is painful for the worldly man. A yogi or sage, or even a true aspirant, has no fear of death. A desireless person does not cry when he dies. A Jnani in full bloom never dies. His prana never dies.

Your highest duty is to prepare yourself for a peaceful life afterwards. Conquer the fear of death. Conquering the fear of death, the conquering of death, is the ultimate benefit of all spiritual sadhanas. The sole purpose of all yoga sadhanas is to face death fearlessly and joyfully.

Man is afraid of death. In old age he tries to think of God. If he thinks of God from childhood, he will bring in a rich spiritual harvest in old age.

Bhishma could order death. Savitri brought Satyavan, her husband, back to life through the power of her chastity. Markandeya overcame death by worshiping Lord Shiva. You too can conquer death through devotion, knowledge and the power of Brahmacharya.

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