What are NGOs looking for in volunteers?

How do I find my volunteer position in Germany?

We keep getting e-mails with questions about volunteering in Germany: What kind of projects are there? How long can I be involved? I want to work with refugees, where can I find good projects here? I am from another EU country and would like to volunteer in Germany to improve my German - how do I do that? I live in Hamburg and am interested in environmental issues - do you know the right NGOs for me? ...

We have now put together our knowledge and experience about volunteering and volunteering in Germany and put together a nice list of organizations, web tips and events for volunteers.

Have fun browsing and all the best in finding a great volunteer!



In the job exchange of NGOJobs.eu you can find current advertisements for honorary positions and volunteer positions (filter option “honorary position” and “Germany”). New jobs and opportunities to work every day.

Volunteer Exchange of Aktion Mensch e.V.

Very clear volunteer exchange for all of Germany. It can be filtered by region and field of activity. Top!

Volunteering in Germany

Well-structured overview of various volunteer programs with which you can get involved in Germany (or outside of Germany). In addition, important information on the framework conditions - terms, insurance, brokerage. No volunteer exchange, no filter option.

Workcamps in Germany

Cool thing! SCI (Service Civil International) workcamps on the following topics:

All that has to be paid is a placement fee of 82 euros. The journey must be paid for by yourself, accommodation and meals are free. Minimum age for all camps is 16 years. Direct link to the workcamp database.

As a volunteer in Germany

Overview of several projects that enable people from other countries (EU and non-EU) to volunteer in Germany for a few months.

Voluntary engagement in Germany - social issues

Diakonie Germany

Info portal for volunteers including frequently asked questions, instructions for self-reflection (“What is my motivation to do voluntary work?”) And contact addresses for all diakonia offices in all German federal states.

Caritas Germany

Very informative website of Caritas Germany for volunteers. There is, among other things, a section entitled “Frequently Asked Questions from Volunteers” and a series of portraits of volunteers. Clearly!

unicef ​​Germany

With one click you can find unicef ​​initiatives that are looking for volunteers. You enter the post code or the city and see - clearly arranged in color - where the next UNICEF group, university group or a junior team of the organization is represented. unicef ​​offers its volunteers an introductory workshop, training courses and specialist meetings, an intranet and the opportunity to visit unicef ​​projects.

wellcome - support for families

Would you like to work with babies and families? The wellcome association helps families after the birth of children. Volunteers are wanted across Germany.

German children's hospice association

Volunteers support children and young people with life-shortening illnesses when they participate in seminars and workshops of the children's hospice association.

Musical volunteer service

Something completely new! Musicians without Borders is looking for committed musicians who would like to go out into the wide world for at least three months, make music, support social projects and pass on musical knowledge. The club is still quite young, but there is something for everyone to do. You can also register without knowledge of a foreign language! Original idea - it's worth taking a look!

Voluntary engagement in Germany - environment

Friends of Ecological Voluntary Services e.V.

The "Voluntary Ecological Year" is a great opportunity to do a longer voluntary service in Germany, to get to know a new (rural) region and to deepen your own knowledge about the environment, animals and climate. 52 supporting organizations in Germany offer this traineeship.

BUND: Get active for the wildcat

The NGO "BUND: Friends of the earth Germany" supports the wildcat among other things. Animal lovers will find various ways to support the environmental organization on this page.

euronatur Foundation

Small list of partner organizations of the euronatur Foundation that are looking for volunteers. Almost all projects are outside of Germany in other EU countries. Focus: species protection, animals, environment.

Nature is a matter of honor - volunteers in parks

Practical exchange for "Volunteers in the Park". We are looking for people who would like to contribute to the German nature parks on a voluntary basis. Possible activities: species protection (observation), maintenance of visitor facilities, environmental education, etc. Corporate volunteering (e.g. for companies) is also offered! Detailed filter options in the exchange (duration, region, activity, etc.)!


Munich volunteer fair

A whole fair all about volunteering. It's worth a visit!

Thirst for action Munich

... is Munich's volunteer agency. Organizations can find volunteers there, companies can register for corporate volunteering and volunteers can find their perfect commitment. Very clear!


Berlin volunteer exchange

Fair around the honorary office, takes place once a year. Next date: April 18, 2020

Volunteer Exchange for Berlin

Good filter functions, according to target group, field of action, district.

Alzheimer's relatives initiative

Here, too, there are many opportunities for collaboration, e.g. as a carer for people with Alzheimer's disease, but also as an online editor or consultant.

Himmelbeet community garden

Volunteers are always welcome there, especially when looking after the community beds, at events or building projects in the garden.


Volunteer Exchange for Hamburg

Looking for voluntary work in Hamburg. Unfortunately not very clear.

Hamburg volunteer exchange

Website of the AKTIVOLI volunteer exchange in Hamburg. Non-profit organizations and interested, committed people are brought together at this event. Next date: February 16, 2020


Citizens Institute

Very practical volunteer database for Frankfurt. You can search by district and field of activity - the current offers are described in detail, including time frames or dates and previous knowledge that may be necessary.

Frankfurt Association

The Frankfurt Association offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities. You can act as a travel companion for senior citizens, look after children of primary school age, cook in restaurants or help out in cafeterias. Professional internet presence!

North Rhine-Westphalia

Cologne Volunteer Agency e.V.

Great site about volunteering in North Rhine-Westphalia (and beyond). There are current offers from NGOs that are urgently looking for volunteers - but you can also find what you are looking for in the engagement database. In addition: information for companies (keyword: corporate volunteering) who want to volunteer and relevant training. Interesting breakdown: short volunteer work, intensive volunteer work, long-term volunteer work. Makes sense and everyone can find what they want!

Caritas Association of the City of Cologne e.V.

Caritas Cologne volunteer search, filter option by area of ​​activity and target group. Practical for everyone who wants to get involved with Caritas. Most of the activities are care, leisure activities, accompaniment, teaching activities.


Engagement exchange for Saxony

With search words for the association or the address, contact persons of organizations or specific opportunities for activity can be found. Unfortunately not very clear and a bit outdated website.

General information

Basics of good volunteering

Article “What do angels need volunteers for? Basics of good volunteering ”. Interesting thoughts and a good introduction to the topic.

Statistics "volunteering"

Anyone interested in data and facts can find extensive statistics on volunteering in Germany here.

We also looked for volunteers in the article for you. Voluntary work in Germany "important tips about volunteering researched and clearly summarized. We also have a good overview for those interested in volunteering in Austria.

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