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Minecraft Guide: Everything You Need to Know about Enchanting

We explain all the details about enchanting in Minecraft so that you can get started right away and significantly upgrade your armor.

Minecraft has grown really big over the years and some mechanics are more complex and extensive than you first thought possible. One of these areas are the enchantments. There are a number of them in the game and there are a lot of rumors and half-knowledge about this topic. That's why we have a guide for you that explains everything about the enchantments.

What are Enchantments in Minecraft?

What do enchantments do? Enchantments are the only way to add additional, mostly useful effects to weapons and equipment in Minecraft. For example, the armor value of breastplates can be improved or additional damage can be elicited from weapons. Tools can also be enchanted, for example to have a better yield when mining diamonds. Many items can be enchanted in Minecraft, which saves resources in the long term or increases the effectiveness of an item drastically.

How do you get enchantments? There are basically 3 different ways to get enchantments in Minecraft, but the first is the most common:

  • Enchanting an object at the magic table
  • Combining a spellbook with an item on the anvil
  • Combining two already enchanted items on the anvil

This guide mainly deals with the use of the magic table, but the other methods are also briefly explained.

Create a magic table

The making of the enchanting table: Before you can start enchanting, you must have already collected a few resources, because a magic table is not cheap. To make it you need:

  • 4 obsidian
  • 2 diamonds
  • 1 book

You can either mine the materials yourself, and our diamond farm guide will certainly help you. Alternatively, with a bit of luck, you can find all the materials in NPC villages. Obsidian and diamonds are sometimes in boxes, you can get books if you “dismantle” the bookshelves in the city library.

Arrange the materials as shown in the picture and you can build a magic table. The magic table has no shelf life, so it will last your entire Minecraft life.

Improving the magic table: So that your magic table can offer the strongest and best enchantments, you still need 15 bookshelves. You arrange these around the enchanted table, each with a block of space in between - so to speak, the edge of a 5 × 5 pattern, as shown in this picture. If everything went well, you should see little runes on the bookshelves that float to the magic table every now and then.

Each bookshelf increases the effectiveness of the magic table and thus increases the number and effectiveness of the enchantments offered. Upgrading is not a must, but it should definitely be done in order to use enchantments to their full potential.

Requirements for being enchanted

Basically, enchanting works very easily. You need 3 things for this:

  • An item that you want to enchant
  • A sufficiently high player level (preferably 30+)
  • 1-3 lapis lazuli (a large supply is recommended)

Which items can be enchanted? You can make objects of all kinds yourself. Whether iron armor, a golden pickaxe or a diamond sword - almost all equippable objects can be enchanted and their function can be strengthened or expanded.

This is how you gain experience: Your player level is determined by experience points that you receive from many actions in the game. This includes:

  • Collecting rare ores
  • Breeding animals
  • Melting down ores or roasting meat
  • Fighting and defeating enemies

How to find lapis lazuli: You can get lapis lazuli as usual by digging deep shafts. It's a fairly rare material that occurs mostly between levels 1 and 32. So you will likely find lapis lazuli in your search for diamonds.

This is how enchanting works at the magic table

All you have to do is open your enchanted table and drag the desired item into the slot provided. Then you put 3 lapis lazuli in the second field.

Then you can hover over the 3 fields on the right-hand side with the mouse. This tells you one of the enchantments that you are guaranteed to receive if you choose it. There may be additional, random enchantments. However, this is not guaranteed and has a high degree of randomness, which also depends on the material. Objects made of gold can be enchanted particularly well, but have a low durability. Therefore, diamond or netherite are always recommended.

The 3 fields also indicate how expensive the enchantment you choose is:

  • Field 1 always costs 1 character level and 1 lapis lazuli.
  • Field 2 always costs 2 character levels and 2 lapis lazuli.
  • Field 3 always costs 3 character levels and 3 lapis lazuli.

As you probably already suspect, the enchantments from space 3 are usually the strongest, but also the most expensive. If you enchant high-quality equipment (e.g. consisting of diamonds or the new material Netherite), then you should always aim for the enchantments from field 3.

The number on the right indicates which character level you need to perform the enchantment. In the above example you would need at least level 30 for the enchantment at the very bottom and 3 levels would be deducted for the enchantment.

If you don't like any of the 3 offered enchantments, then it is worthwhile to "reroll" the enchantments. All you have to do is select an enchantment and apply it to an object - this works best on a book. If you want to save resources, choose an enchantment at rank 1 to "re-roll" the dice. You will then be offered new enchantments.

When should you be enchanted? Basically, you should always convert your level into enchantments when you have reached level 30 or higher. Even if you don't need a new enchantment right now, it can make sense to put enchantments on books and store them somewhere. Because remember: if you should die, you will start again at a low level. It would be a shame to waste these experience points. So invest them regularly in enchantments.

All Minecraft enchantments at a glance

There are currently 38 different enchantments in Minecraft, which also come in different strengths. We have sorted the enchantments alphabetically according to their German name and explain what use the enchantments have and which items they are suitable for.


What is the point of breathing? Breathing increases the amount of time your character can stay underwater before running out of air. It also increases the time between each tick of suffocation damage.

For which items is breathing? Breathing is exclusive to helmets.


What does ban bring? Ban increases the damage a weapon does against all undead.

For which items is the ban? Ban is exclusive to swords. However, it can also be transferred to axes via a spellbook.

One point of damage is equivalent to half a heart in Minecraft.


What does caution bring? Cautiousness allows blocks to be dismantled in their original state. For example, you can mine blocks of grass or diamond ore without dropping the diamonds.

For which items is cautiousness? Cautiousness works with all tools like picks, shovels and axes.


What is the point of piercing? Piercing ensures that crossbows with an arrow can hit several enemies at the same time, as long as they are standing one behind the other.

For which items is piercing? Piercing is only for crossbows.


What brings thorns? The thorn enchantment ensures that attackers take 1-4 damage when they damage the enchanted player.
For which items is thorn? Thorns can be enchanted on all armor.

If several objects are enchanted with "thorns", then their effectiveness is added, which increases the percentage probability. If you have a total of 7 ranks of “thorns”, the chance is 100%.


What does efficiency bring? Efficiency increases the mining speed with which tools extract their intended raw material.

For which items is efficiency? Efficiency is available for all tools such as pickaxe, shovel or ax. Efficiency can also be transferred to scissors through a magic book.

Tier V can only be achieved by combining two Tier IV items on an anvil.

Ice skaters

What is the point of ice skaters? Ice skaters allow the player to walk across the water as nearby water blocks are turned into ice. This only applies to water blocks that have at least one block of air above them. Running water is not affected.

For which items is ice skater? Ice skating can only be applied to shoes.


What does discharge bring? Discharge only works during a thunderstorm. The thrown trident lets lightning strike the target when it hits it.

For which items is discharge? Discharge is only available for the trident.

Explosion protection

What does explosion protection bring? Explosion protection has two effects. For one, it reduces the damage you take in an explosion. Second, it reduces the range of the recoil caused by explosions.

For which items is explosion protection? Explosion protection can be applied to all armor.

Multiple blast protection enchantments stack and add up. However, there is a cap of 80% - the damage cannot be reduced any further.

Spring case

What does Federfall bring? Feather Fall reduces or neutralizes fall damage taken.

For which items is spring fall? Featherfall can only be enchanted on shoes.

1 damage equals half a heart in Minecraft.

Fire protection

What does fire protection bring? Fire protection reduces the damage that players take from fire and at the same time reduces the length of time that the character is on fire if it is set alight.

For which items is fire protection? Fire protection is available for all armor.

Several fire protection enchants add up, but the cap is 80%. Further damage cannot be reduced by enchantments.

In addition, fire protection reduces the length of time players are on fire.


What does flame bring? Flame turns ordinary arrows into fire arrows. These set the target (monsters, players and TNT blocks) on fire, causing them to suffer up to 5 points of damage if they are not extinguished beforehand.

For which items is flame? Flame is only available for the bow.

Curse of bond

What does curse of attachment bring? Curse of Attachment is a negative enchantment. The escape ensures that an attached item can no longer be discarded until you either die or the item is consumed.

For which items is the bondage curse? Curse of the bond can be on all armor items, but also on elytres and carved pumpkins.

You don't get this enchantment via the magic table, but have to find such a cursed object directly or find the enchantment via a book.

Curse of Disappearance

What's the point of curse of vanishing? Curse of Disappearance is a negative quality. An item attached to it disappears immediately when the player carrying it dies. The object cannot be picked up again after death.

For which items is the Curse of the Disappearance? All enchantment targets can be covered with it. So armor, tools, weapons.

You don't get this enchantment via the magic table, but have to find such a cursed object directly or find the enchantment via a book.


What brings luck? Luck increases the number of resources received when mining ores and some plants.

For which items is happiness? Happiness can be applied to all tools.

Luck also slightly increases the chance of finding apples in leaves or gaining seedlings from leaves. The amount of obtained wheat grains from grass is also increased drastically.

Happiness of the sea

What brings happiness to the sea? Luck of the sea increases the chance of fishing for treasure and at the same time reduces the chance of finding items in the “garbage” category.
For which items is happiness of the sea? Only fishing rods can be enchanted.


What does durability bring? Durability gives objects a chance that they will not lose durability when in use and can therefore be used for longer.
For which items is durability? Durability can be cast on all armor, weapons, and tools.

A pickaxe with “Durability III” will therefore last about 4x as long as an unenchanted pickaxe.


What is the use of the harpoon? Harpoon increases the damage that water creatures take when they are damaged by the harpoon. This is especially useful against enemies in underwater temples.

For which items is the harpoon? Only the trident can be enchanted with a harpoon.

One point of damage corresponds to half a heart in Minecraft.


What's the point of bait? Bait is one of the best enchantments for anyone who loves fishing because it decreases the amount of time it takes to fish and increases the chance of catching a fish. But it also reduces the chance of catching rubbish or treasure.

For which items is bait? Bait can only be enchanted on a fishing rod.

Multiple shot

What is the use of multiple shots? Multi-shot ensures that a crossbow shoots three arrows at the same time, but only consumes a single one.

For which items is multiple shot? Multiple shots can only be enchanted on a crossbow.

Arthropod nemesis

What does Nemesis the Arthropod bring? This enchantment increases the damage caused by a weapon against all types of spiders, silverfish, bees and endermites.

For which items is Nemesis the arthropod? The enchantment is exclusive to swords. However, it can also be transferred to axes with the help of a spellbook.

One point of damage is equivalent to half a heart in Minecraft.


What's the point of looting? Looting ensures that enemies (or wildlife) killed with the weapon leave more loot behind.

For which items is looting? Looting is exclusive to swords.


What is the point of repairs? Repair ensures that acquired experience points are used up immediately to increase the durability of an object and thus “repair” it. Each experience point gained restores 2 durability. If the item is not damaged, the character's experience increases as normal.

For which items is repair? Repair is suitable for all weapons, armor and tools.

However, repair cannot be obtained from enchanting on the magic table. Instead, you have to get this enchantment from opponents, from treasure chests or from trading with villagers


What's the point of recoil? Recoil increases the range at which enemies are knocked back when hit, making them easier to keep at bay.

For which items is recoil? Recoil can only occur on swords.


What brings sharpness?