What does VBS stand for

What we stand for at VBS Floridsdorf

Which values ​​are we committed to?

We see a value in education that encompasses professional competence, entrepreneurship and humane education based on European tradition.
We value performance, the ability to criticize, a sense of responsibility, a professional work attitude and entrepreneurial thinking.
We use and value individual skills and talents in order to develop them in the best possible way.

We see ourselves as a competence center for practice-oriented teaching and job-oriented training with compulsory professional experience.
We impart a high level of foreign language skills and offer a variety of languages.

We treat each other with respect and feel committed to the principles of honesty and transparency in everyday school life.
As a UNESCO school, we promote cultural understanding and social skills and see cultural diversity as an opportunity.
We see health as an important component of social sustainability. In order to strengthen physical, mental and social well-being, we take concrete measures to promote health (member of the Vienna Network of Health Promoting Schools - WieNGS).

What are our goals and what benefits do we create?

With well-founded training in the sense of entrepreneurship education, we secure and increase the chances of our graduates and
thus create the basis for the students to cope with work and life,
offer the economy team-minded, competent and entrepreneurially minded employees or future entrepreneurs,
make our students aware of their responsibility for society and the environment and thus ensure the satisfaction of all school partners.

  • form an experienced and committed team of teachers,
  • are open to professional and pedagogical training,
  • challenge and promote the personal development of the students
  • offer a wide range of support for both high-performing and weaker students
  • know about the connection between movement and improving the ability to learn and
  • set appropriate accents.
  • learn independently,
  • are able to make business decisions,
  • appreciate and use cultural diversity,
  • are equipped for study and practice and
  • take responsibility for their actions and their health.

Our business partners

  • issue project orders and supervise project work,
  • offer seminars, lectures and workshops,
  • enable excursions and company tours,
  • arrange internships and job placements,
  • support the practice firms and
  • support school events and charity events.


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