Who organizes the best children's birthday party

Children's birthday 6 years: the best tips and ideas!

Your son or daughter is already 6 years old. This is a reason to celebrate! The birthday itself will likely be a fun day with family and friends, but of course it is also nice to invite friends over for a birthday party. We share the best tips, ideas and games for an unforgettable children's party for children aged 6 and up.

Would you like to start organizing the children's birthday right away? Take a look at our checklist for children's birthday parties so that you don't forget anything and order invitation cards for children's birthday parties.

How long does a children's party last?

Many parents wonder how long a children's party for 6 year olds can last. For children aged 6 years, a celebration of 3 to 3.5 hours is enough. Of course, it also depends on the activities you are going to do and the composition of the group. When planning, you should also consider travel time to and from a location as this can also affect the length of the party.

How do you celebrate the children's birthday?

Whether you are celebrating the children's party at home or elsewhere, there are lots of fun things to do on a 6 year old birthday. Below are our best ideas.

Children's birthday in an art center

Does your son or daughter want to throw a creative kids party? Then organize a children's party in a music school or an arts center! These institutions often offer many different children's birthdays, such as a drawing or painting party, a theater festival or a short dance event. At a party in an art center, the children can let their creativity run free and get rid of energy.

Baking bread and cookies in a bakery

A bakery is a nice location for a children's birthday party! With a baker's hat (on their head) the children can bake their own sandwich or work with chocolate, marzipan and whipped cream.

Exciting treasure hunt in the park

Is your son or daughter a real adventurer? Then go on a treasure hunt in the park and enjoy the time with the children! Hang ribbons in the trees and do assignments to keep the children busy along the way. Use the following tasks:

  • Decipher a message in cipher.
  • Find the alarm before it stops ringing.
  • Make a manikin out of objects from the park like sticks, stones and leaves.
  • Try walking with an egg on a spoon.
  • Stand in a row and look craziest. The one with the craziest face wins.

Celebrate a horse festival at home or in a riding arena

At a children's birthday party, it is also fun to do something with animals. For example, organize a children's party in the equestrian center. The children can ride, brush and feed the horses. On the invitation, mention that the children are wearing clothes that are allowed to get dirty! Of course, you can also organize a horse-themed children's festival at home. For example, play games related to horses. How about a hobby horse race with plush horses?

Crafting on a children's birthday party for 6 year olds

Of course, if your son or daughter is a real creative person, you can do something too. For example, make T-shirts with textile pens or paint a flower pot. Other fun things to do are painting a bird house, decorating a wooden jewelry box, or creating a diorama.

Great games for a children's birthday party

Does your child love games or do you have time left? Then the following games are sure to be fun

Knocking the newspaper

Newspaper chop is a practical introductory game to get to know the names of unknown children. It also allows the children to get rid of some energy. When the newspaper is thrown, everyone sits on a chair in a circle. A child stands in the middle with a rolled up newspaper. One child mentions a name, then the next child must say another name as soon as possible before being hit. If a child is hit before they have said another name, they are out and have to stand in the middle.

Who am I?

The game who am I? We know of course as a game with photo boards that can be folded up, but it's also easy to play with notes. Find people all the children know in advance, print out photos, and paste them on the sticky note. A child has a sticky note stuck on their forehead and has to find out who it is based on yes-no questions.

Points dance

The game of points dance is a variation of the game Journey to Jerusalem. Cut out large circles about 40 to 50 centimeters in diameter in advance. Make sure you have as many points as the number of guests. Place the dots on the floor and let the kids dance around them when the music is on. When the music stops, every child should be on one point. The child who can't reach a point is out and sits down. The child that is left wins!

Balloon kicking

With balloon kicking, every child gets a balloon on a string around the ankle. After the start signal they have to try to break the balloon of their opponents. Has your balloon been broken? Then they're out. The one with the last balloon wins.

Cost blindly

For younger children, it is always interesting to try something blindfolded. Decide on foods like peanut butter, yogurt, lemon wedges, salad dressing, soy sauce, jam, and salt and let the kids guess what they'll cost! This is a simple game, but kids will always love it.

Tips for organizing a children's party

Of course, you want everyone to go home excited after the party. With the following tips, you can be sure everyone had a good time.

  • If there is time left, you can play music. Most children like to dance and are sure to be happy.
  • Print out some coloring pages in advance or put some toys down. Then children who don't feel like playing an activity or game can play with it.
  • Do something quiet after a strenuous activity, like eating cake. This way the children are not too busy and can relax at any time.

Do you need more ideas for a children's birthday party?

With these tips, ideas and locations you can organize an unforgettable children's party for 6-year-olds! Would you like to find out more about organizing a children's birthday party? Then read our article with tips on children's birthdays from 5 years for even more ideas!