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South Korea's government wants to switch from Windows to Linux

Away from Windows - towards free software! This is the slogan used by many public administrations in the early 2000s. Even in Vienna there were corresponding efforts at that time, but they soon fizzled out. In the past few years, large Linux migrations have become much quieter again, and some flagship projects have even returned to Microsoft's arms. But now there seems to be a fresh wind in the matter again.


The South Korean government wants to switch all of its computer systems from Windows to Linux. This is reported by the Korea Herald. The Ministry of the Interior is to make the start, where individual systems are initially tested. If there are no major security or compatibility problems, a step-by-step rollout to all government agencies is planned.

The decision was made when Windows 7 support was approaching. Its free update support will finally expire in January 2020.

Question of cost

The project will cost a total of $ 655 million, of which the Linux migration itself is likely to make up only a very small part. After all, this act is also associated with the purchase of new PCs. In the long term, however, the South Korean government is hoping for significant savings by switching to free software. They also want to eliminate dependency on a single provider. (apo, May 19, 2019)