What is the Best JPEG Compression Software

Software infrastructure

Users and system professionals who have been working with IT for a while can still clearly remember: Every file that was to be sent by e-mail or to land on one of the usual storage media such as 3.5-inch floppy disks was previously saved with compressed using a packing program such as WinZip. Only in this way was it even possible to transport reasonably large (by today's standards still very small) files.

Those days are over, e-mail attachments can now contain several megabytes of data and online storage media such as Dropbox also make the exchange of large amounts of data much easier. Nevertheless, there are still enough opportunities to use archive and packing programs - and a correspondingly wide selection of programs, as our overview on the following pages shows.

  1. Actually, no additional programs are necessary any more
    The Windows systems can easily handle ZIP files and also create compressed folders.
  2. Another format that is directly recognized by the Windows system
    The CAB files are also handled correctly by Windows Explorer.
  3. Windows 7 recognizes packed folders
    The image of the folder alone makes it clear to the user what type of container he is dealing with here.
  4. The "classic" in installation
    Here the program shows one of its strengths. It offers optional support for the "zipx" format, which can also compress JPG files, among other things.
  5. Who counts the formats or names the names
    WinZip can support and process a very wide range of file formats. In the standard setting, of course, all formats should be opened or processed with this program.
  6. Cross-platform use
    WinZip is one of the few packer tool solutions that is also offered for the Mac OS operating system. Even if the version is only called 1.5.
  7. More modern file formats included
    Despite the low release number, WinZip also supports the current "zipx" format on the Apple operating system, which can then also be read under Windows with the help of WinZip and WinRAR.
  8. Well-known application with a modern interface
    WinZip offers a look and feel that is similar to modern Windows systems.
  9. WinRAR is also a classic
    However, if you want to test the latest developments in the software (here Beta 4.10), you have to make do with a purely English version first - but the final versions are always fully localized.
  10. What is in the archive?
    The WinRAR program offers corresponding test options that provide information about the content and data of an archive.
  11. 7-Zip is a very well-known program in the open source scene
    The spartan and somewhat old-fashioned interface is deceptive - the program supports many formats and offers a wide range of options.
  12. For users who want to know exactly
    7-Zip offers an integrated benchmark function that can show how quickly the program works on the respective system.
  13. Another open source candidate who knows how to please
    PeaZip not only offers a pleasing surface but can also come up with a wide range of support for a wide variety of formats.
  14. The Linux group would also like to work with a corresponding surface
    PeaZip is one of the few programs that can also offer a corresponding integration on the open source operating system (here Ubuntu 11.10).
  15. Installation confusion
    If the TUGZip program recognized the German language correctly when the installation was started, the queries will appear in English, but recognize the correct time of day ("Good afternoon"). After the start, however, the correct language was set.
  16. Modern user interface and wide format support
    If there is a WinRAR version on the computer, TUGZip can also create this type of archive with the help of this program.
  17. Something very noticeable
    The PowerArchiver program rightly bears its name - it offers a very large number of functions - but the advertising for the purchase of the full version comes to the fore during the test phase.
  18. Functional diversity and modern surface
    With the PowerArchiver, the user is familiar with a solution that is intended to cover almost all areas of archiving and storage - such as working with data carriers here.
  19. Help with Apple files
    Those who exchange compressed files with staunch Mac fans are often faced with the problem of having to deal with Stuffit archives - the free Stuffit Expander can help here.
  20. And finally, help in dire need
    Diskinternals' Zip Repair Wizard cannot repair all, but some of the damaged Zip files in such a way that they can be accessed.