How revolutionary was the American Revolution 1

The American Revolution
in the historical evaluation

There are three main reasons for the rapid and sustained breakthrough of the revolutionary ideas of 1776 and the victory over the British troops despite all defeats:
  • The declaration of independence of July 4, 1776, and perhaps even more so the human rights laid down in the simultaneous constitutions and the guaranteed freedoms corresponded to the lifestyle of the inhabitants of the former colonies; the war was "their" war, waged in defense of their ideals.
  • The fact that the war of independence was brought to a successful end for the states in spite of all the military and political difficulties is largely due to the personality of George Washington as commander in chief, but also to the personality of the other political leaders.
  • The military aid that the United States received from France and then from Spain since 1788 is not to be underestimated.

The American constitution of 1776/87 was for France, its constitution of 1791 for all of Europe immediate role model.Principles of the constitution still today Pattern of constitutional development:* superior rank of human and civil rights,

* sole legislative power of the elected parliament (national assembly / congress)

* Separation of powers