What are Trump's good intentions and bad intentions

The un (er) portable President - Trump. Enough is enough!

This article tells you what I think about Donald Trump, perhaps the worst and most unworthy American president of all time. You can also find many of Donald Trump's misconduct since he was elected president in the Wall of Shame.


Thoughts during Trump's first term

I've often been upset about the American President Donald Trump - but now I'm actually more than allergic to any news.

Am I overreacting?

Or is the situation actually getting worse day by day?

Unfortunately, it no longer comes close to being bewildered. And although I have been resolving myself for weeks not to dedicate any article to him and keep biting firmly into the edge of the table, everything has to be figured out. Otherwise I might literally burst.

Jump straight to Trump's misconduct

Where on earth do I start? And above all how?

It all started with a joke that unfortunately wasn't a joke. Donald Trump ran as a presidential candidate in 2015. Smiled at by many and taken seriously by very few, despite all the opposition, he became the top candidate of the Republicans sooner than he thought, before finally going up against Hillary Clinton.

Sure thing, I thought, the USA is finally getting a female president. Well, puff cake. We all know how that ended. Donald Trump actually became the Most Powerful Man in the World in 2016, more than a decade after the prophetic Simpsons episode, in which he already made a guest appearance as President.

Incredible, but true.

The Democrats would have won against Trump with any other candidate. That's how I see it. Because many actually voted “not Hillary Clinton”. But well, so be it. Trump rebelled "against those up there" and many ordinary Americans seemed to be talking from the soul. Populism par excellence.

And where are we today three years later?

Well, here is my little, very personal summary of the first 3 years of office - possibly not just from a total of 4, but, if it goes on like this, from 8 years of reign of a man who is too old, who obviously not only stands for the most intelligent, powerful and wisest man in the world, but equates the office of president with God-given rights, which of course stand above the secular laws of the subjects over whom he rules.

Does that sound narcissistic?

It is. Deeply. A parade example. In all fairness, textbooks should be written about this man. I have never seen a narcissist who does the term this justice.

But well, he's neither the first nor the last narcissist in such an important position.

So back to my interim conclusion.

What has Trump done so far?

Well, he managed to roll back decades of hard-won political progress - with the snap of a finger.

It has permanently damaged the image of the USA in the world.

Achievements in climate policy were torpedoed by him by withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement.

"There is no such thing as climate change."

Is clear. Hurricanes and tornadoes in the Mediterranean, three times the heavy rainfall in Europe and periods of drought are imaginary and the rise in sea levels and increasing dramatic natural disasters worldwide are pure imagination. Not! Well, at least in Trump's worldview.

How can you be so narrow-minded and stupid ?!

Stupid? Yes stupid

I actually think Trump is either stupid or now quite senile. Would you like some examples?

He seriously wanted detailed analysis and simulations to see if he could prevent / destroy hurricanes by detonating atomic bombs inside them. And no, this is not fiction. That is a reality and was meant absolutely seriously by him.

Here are two of his beloved tweets, which also show how bright the American president is:

"Man shot inside Paris police station. Just announced that terror threat is at the highest level. Germany is a total mess-big crime. "

Is clear. Paris has probably been in Germany recently. And compared to the USA, Germany is also an absolutely violent country. Well, we don't get the idea after a school rampage to demand that all teachers be armed. And yes, that's exactly what Trump demanded some time ago.

"It's freezing and snowing in New York - we need global warming! "

Without words. I don’t even want to comment on that anymore.

I followed Trump's tweets for a while. It's really unbelievable how much bullshit he's spreading there. One would think that a man with his background (inherited millions) and access to education would have acquired appropriate knowledge over the years.

But the fact is, he doesn't know the history of his own country, nor does he have any form of general knowledge, nor does he know what Presbyterians are, even though he officially belongs to that belief himself!

There are hundreds of tweets to prove it.

Well, he's not interested in reading either. In fact, I don't think he's read a single book in his entire life. According to confirmed statements from those around the White House, the American President reads neither files, reports nor any briefings. It can only be reported orally. In intelligence briefings, he is shown cards and pictures so that Trump understands.

And if it's too much for him, then he just walks, plays golf or sits in front of the TV and then uses Twitter to spread his opinion on current world events - regardless of whether it is fact-based or complete nonsense.

Incidentally, I wouldn't even be surprised if it later emerges that Trump either cannot read (illiterate), can no longer read (Alzheimer's disease? Stroke? Senility?) Or, due to an attention deficit, cannot read and understand a paragraph at the same time (and never before could). Incidentally, this is also supported by the many spelling mistakes on Twitter. Allegedly the president is dyslexic (which is not funny, but at least worth mentioning for a president who describes himself as a genius).

He also often gossips in his spontaneous speeches. Only yesterday he rattled something about his beloved wall in Mexico and that it should also be built in Colorado. Too bad that Colorado is not on the border with Mexico, but on the border with the American state of New Mexico. You can get confused.

Speaking of the wall.

Seriously? A nice big wall to solve the immigration problem and keep the oh so criminal and drug importing Mexicans all out? Incomprehensible. Wasting taxpayers' money on such nonsense is bold. But there are only a few billion that he deducts from other, less important things, such as fire fighting in California, environmental protection or the like.

But well, he promised that during his campaign, so he wants to stick with it. That is by the way one of the few points that I approve of him - He tries to carry through his campaign promises and keep them - no matter how absurd they were.

By the way, Trump has not only got something against Mexicans, he also shows again and again. Whether Africans, who prefer to stay where they are with their diseases like Ebola, or democratic senators with Indian roots - he makes no secret of the fact that he is xenophobic. He has German roots himself. And in the case of the senators - as happened to Senator Elizabeth Warren, for example - they are honorable Americans who have also been democratically elected to one of the most important democratic institutions in the United States.

In general, insults seem to be part of his everyday repertoire.

Only, alas, someone offends him. He will then be promoted from the White House faster than you can spell Trump.

Because at least that is what he can - consolidate his power and that by any means (regardless of whether legal, immoral or even illegal - see Ukraine affair).

That being said, Trump doesn't take the truth very seriously anyway. Facts are merrily twisted as he needs them. Bold and crude lies are spread in order to make him stand there in the best of splendor and light. As president, of course, you can.

Of course, the fake news comes exclusively from the media. Everything lies press. Oh man, if he could, he'd shut down various newspapers and news channels just because he didn't like the reality and the facts. Perhaps that is why part of his admiration for Putin and Erdogan comes from, who do exactly that in a completely undemocratic way.

By the end of 2018 alone, Trump had been detected by the Washington Post 7,645 lies. That's around 11 lies a day!

So let's hold on to it: the current American president is uneducated, a notorious liar, racist and a narcissist.

But at least - he considers himself an absolute genius. One is amazed at how he has the other big nations like China and Russia under control and how far his tariff and blockade policy has already brought him.

Well, it's pure irony again. I think no other president before him has allowed himself to be ripped off by other nations so often and clumsily. For Putin, American foreign policy must be a celebration right now. Erdogan is also likely to have toasted Trump.

Incidentally, I consider both of them to be much worse and more dangerous than Trump - the only difference is that Trump is the president of the country that still boasts of its free and democratic values ​​today. A role model function that has unfortunately started to crumble badly at the moment - mainly because of its president.

And the Americans themselves?

Well, a large percentage of them still support their president.

Why is that?

As a well-educated person, that doesn't get into my head. But let's keep in mind that 50% of Americans are rather simple, live in the country and are fed up with "those up there".

For them, Trump is probably still a hero ”. Worst-case scenario, these Americans have never heard of a Europe. America First! Is exactly what they want to hear. A president in which they can be more reflected than in an Obama or a Clinton - who promises them the blue sky or hates the "bad democrats" to the core as much as they do, is perhaps exactly the president they want.

The sad thing about it is that it is precisely this process, which, by the way, we cannot observe much else in Germany (keyword AfD), Europe and elsewhere, leads to the undermining of democracy, freedom and global progress.

In the long term, this development harms us all. Nationalism, self-thinking and spitting on climate protection, partnerships with other countries and cross-generational thinking and acting will set humanity back strongly.

In the end there may be the third world war, which this time the democratic forces may not win.

I don't even want to imagine that.

Perhaps some people also think the rags-to-riches story is applicable to Trump. He himself likes to boast about how he made it to billionaire and president on his own.

The truth is a little different.

From the start, Trump was financially dependent on his father, who made him a millionaire as a child. Again and again this saved him from complete ruin. In 1990 the entire Trump Organization almost went bankrupt (5 billion in debt), which was only prevented by a bank rescue package. Whether Trump Airlines, Trump Casinos or Trump University - everything including flops that went bankrupt or were even pure fraud. It is not for nothing that Trump still refuses to have his tax documents checked.

In any case, I mean something different by a successful businessman.

But it's good, if you are corrupt enough and know how to move in certain financial circles, then you can also make one or two billion dollars - even if it may not be entirely legal. In a pinch you have a couple of banks that bail you out because otherwise they will be torn down with you.

And as an aside, I would not be surprised if the conspicuous trades that have now become known, shortly before the announcement of important decisions by Trump, took place on the stock exchanges, which have already brought in several billion in profits, ultimately also on Trump via straw men or insider knowledge are due. But this is (so far) only a speculation on my part.

Of course, other American presidents weren't always the best. Obama with his drones, George W. Bush Junior and many others have had their downsides. But all of them - or let's say almost all (I found Bush really borderline) also stood for integrity, for liberal and democratic principles and for a reliable, strong American partner who was aware of its responsibility in the world as a counterweight to other forces .

For me, Trump stands for only one thing - for regression, stupidity, instability and a worldview that I deeply despise. Xenophobia, disrespect, aloof behavior that despises laws, human rights and good morals or even misogyny have no place in our world today!

But how do you get rid of such a president?

Can impeachment work?

Do we “just” have to wait for a new president to be elected next year? From my point of view, every additional day under Trump is a lost day. I would more than welcome impeachment.

And how does it go with the impeachment? Is it really realistic?

Only a few attempts have been made to remove a president from office in the United States. Apart from Nixon, no one deserves it more than Trump in my opinion. He lies to himself, his staff, his constituents and the whole world every day.

He despises women, blacks and those who think differently, is racist and makes no secret of it.

He believes he is above the law and can do whatever he wants.

He accuses his democratic opponents of lynching intentions and witch hunts - even though his own chief of staff inadvertently confirmed all allegations of abuse of office directly in front of the camera.

In my opinion, Trump should not only be deposed, but brought directly to justice for his violations of the law. Point.

Unfortunately, this requires a two-thirds majority in the Senate, which is considered very unlikely, since hardly as many Republicans from within their own ranks will vote against Trump. The only chance I see there is a collapse in popular support for Trump. This has been rudimentary recently - but it is still far from high enough. I suspect that only when the Republicans consider the re-election of Trump to be unlikely in the long term, they will be ready to drop Trump in order to preserve the chance of having a Republican president in office again from 2020.

Unfortunately, I would no longer be surprised if Trump would actually be re-elected next year. That would be the final nail in the coffin for a decade that will go down in history as a step backwards and lost time.

Please, dear Americans, think carefully about who you will vote for in 2020. Trump by no means makes America “great again”. He's ruining it and pulling the world economy and the future of our children with him into the abyss!

After all, I always thought that Trump was not a warmonger. Neither is he. But his stupid retreat in Syria, which has obviously and deliberately cleared the way for Erdogan, a quasi dictator, to drive the Kurds out, is unfortunately at least as bad as the opposite path, because it makes our world a little more unstable again.

This withdrawal, or should I say a free ticket for “his friend” Erdogan, enables tens of thousands of Syrians to suffer again, that the Kurds, on whose side the Americans fought ISIS, are now fought for their part and driven into the arms of Assad and Putin, ISIS fighters flee prisons by the hundreds and regain strength.

And the summit is, Trump then sells the international law-breaking invasion of the Turks as his political success ?! I can't think of a negative superlative for that. I could just throw up - especially when I imagine that Trump himself probably really feels that way.As a reward you can lift the sanctions against Turkey again - especially since these were only imposed on the pretense anyway.

In general, I dislike Trump's dealings with the dictators of this world. Whether North Korea, Russia or Turkey - you might think that Trump admires the rulers there. If he had the opportunity, he would certainly immediately turn the USA into a dictatorship.

Hopefully the US democratic mechanisms are strong enough to prevent this from happening.

At this point it should also be mentioned that Trump has quite openly pondered on Twitter whether he should not change the constitution in order to be able to become president for more than two terms. The man knows absolutely no boundaries and is obviously of the opinion that he is above everything and everyone.

I consider myself a very tolerant, open person who somehow gets along with almost every stroke of person. But with Trump, I actually draw my personal pain limit. Man should be removed from office. From a purely legal point of view, nothing should stand in the way of impeachment. The facts are on the table. There is enough evidence of abuse of office. I would even want to add insanity to it.

Dear Republicans, think carefully about whether you can continue to bear this man. Is it worth Trump to throw all morals, democratic principles and righteousness overboard just to crush the Democrats? Do shots have to be fired between Republicans and Democrats in your now deeply divided country before you wake up?

I hope not. Of course, not all that glitters is gold with the Democrats. And to be honest, as a European, I don't even care whether your next president is a Democrat or a Republican - the main thing is that his name is not Trump. The pile of broken pieces that this man leaves behind after his term of office - whenever it ends - is already big enough. Don't let it get any bigger.

This man is simply not worthy of the office - in any way!

Enough is enough!

I've finished.

So, after I've just more or less let my thoughts run their course - and yes, that was really good - the following is a somewhat more extensive (but far from complete) collection of things, statements, actions that I criticize Trump negatively.

I will continue to add to the list from time to time. Then at least I have a place where I can collect something like that and unload it in my mind.

Misconduct of Donald Trump - Wall of Shame

  • Public and personal attacks on journalists and the press
  • To call the “masses” the greatest of all time at the inauguration is not true
  • Trump wants to go back to fossil fuels
  • Excessive use of Twitter to convey personal opinions, lies, insults or even politically and economically relevant decisions
  • Comparison of own secret services with Nazi Germany
  • Demand to put his rival Hillary Clinton in jail and incite voters to do so
  • Trade war with China and other countries that harms the world economy, the US and all other countries
  • Demand to cut down the temperate rainforests in Alaska in order to obtain mineral resources, a few days after the burning rainforests of South America came into focus
  • Entanglements with Russia that have not yet been dealt with
  • Failure to publish one's own tax return - what does he have to hide ?!
  • Falsifying medical reports on his health
  • Bold and blatant lying as an everyday means of presenting yourself
  • Relocation of the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
  • Personal insults in the bottom drawer towards democrats and senators with Indian roots
  • #lastnightinsweden
  • Racist statements against black people
  • Repeated misogynistic statements
  • Trying to force the Fed to cut rates and defame the Fed and its chairman (a rogue who sees the trade wars as a tool to force the Fed to act)
  • The construction of the wall in Mexico
  • Trump believes that Article II of the Constitution would give him absolute rights
  • Obamacare torpedoed, failure to introduce replacement health insurance
  • Withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement TPP
  • Comment Colorado is on the border with Mexico
  • Entry stops to prevent terrorism from six predominantly Islamic countries
  • Exit from the Paris climate agreement and denial of climate change
  • Order Republicans not to attend impeachment investigation hearings / obstruction of testimony - violates current law
  • Trump becomes abusive in a phone call with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and is said to have broken off the conversation. Then the president tweeted that he would take a closer look at the refugee deal agreed with Australia.
  • Refusal to shake hands with the Chancellor Merkel
  • Numerous cynical comments after rampages, attacks, etc. at the expense of the victims.
  • Trump insults Pelosi during a conversation in the White House in front of witnesses, so that Pelosi breaks off the conversation. He then claims that Pelosi had a nervous breakdown (which apparently he had) and that she is a "sick woman"
  • In his Independence Day speech, Trump praised the troops that would have occupied airports in 1775 - 100 years before the first plane ever took off
  • Trump describes the clashes between Turks and Kurds with thousands of deaths as children's wrangling.
  • Trump claims that the “very, very lying press” does not cover terrorist attacks in Europe.
  • The president complains publicly about the department store and mail order chain Nordstrom, which is removing the increasingly unpopular collection of his daughter Ivanka from its range
  • Trump claims during a media conference that no one since Ronald Reagan has won the presidential election by a greater margin than he has. Total nonsense
  • The withdrawal of the soldiers from Syria and the betrayal of the Kurds, which will lead to the renewal of ISIS.
  • Trump calls impeachment "lynching"
  • Trump urges American companies to withdraw from China and other countries and manufacture in the United States
  • Trump calls on the NFL to expel Kaepernick because he kneeled down during the national anthem in protest against racism against blacks (he is still outlawed to this day)
  • Trump paints his weather map at his own discretion in order to be able to claim, contrary to the opinion of metrologists, that Hurricane Dorian would also threaten Alabama
  • Trump terminates the nuclear deal with Iran, thus provoking the resumption of efforts in Iran to develop an atomic bomb (allegedly only because Obama had engineered this deal!)
  • Trump will have reversed around 80 environmental protection regulations of his predecessors by the end of 2019 (including the ban on oil drilling in some nature reserves)
  • Trump asks where the Kurds were in WWII? Why didn't they fight alongside the Americans?
  • Trump invents "world-class climbers" who allegedly tested his wall and were unable to overcome it. Pure lie.
  • Donald Trump doesn't know the difference between England and Great Britain
  • Trump wants to buy Greenland. When that doesn't work, he cancels his state visit to Denmark without further ado.
  • Donald Trump recommends Putin to "get rid of journalists"
  • Donald Trump jokes the late John McCain - tasteless
  • Trump asks his followers on Twitter whether he should break the constitution in order to be elected a third time
  • Donald Trump pushes Prime Minister Dusko Markovic aside at a NATO summit in order to be in the front row
  • Donald Trump is completely serious when he says of himself that he is "the best president God has ever created."
  • Trump pretended to collect donations for charity with his family foundation, but used these funds (2.8 million) for private business and to finance his candidacy for the presidency. A court has now sentenced him to a fine of 2 million. Trump himself sees no guilt, continues to claim that all funds have been spent on charity (pure lie), although the opposite has been proven. The foundation was dissolved.
  • Trump writes angry letters against the Democrats from the impeachment vote and accuses them of "war on democracy", "witch hunt" and a "coup attempt" - it is he who does not abide by laws and democratic principles.
  • According to the Washington Post, the number of proven false statements (lies) by Trump increases from 5,689 in 2018 to more than 15,400 in 2019.
  • Trump administration overturns guidelines for healthy school meals and calls for more burgers, more fried foods and fewer vegetables in schools.
  • For the impeachment trial, which Trump considers a joke, he hires the best lawyers in the United States - including Kenneth Starr, whom Trump had previously described as a “madman” as part of the impeachment proceedings against Bill Clinton.
  • Trump allows the US military to use landmines again, even though they are internationally outlawed by 160 countries around the world.
  • Trump praises himself and the US at the UN climate summit without addressing the climate. Totally inappropriate.
  • In his State of the Union address, Trump boasts of the greatest economic growth ever - complete nonsense, if you look at the statistics over the years.
  • Trump pardons several offenders, including the corrupt ex-governor Blagojevich
  • Trump prevents a high sentence of the clearly guilty Roger Stone, who was deeply involved in the Russia affair (in favor of the Trump election campaign) => the 4 responsible prosecutors resign, the Minister of Justice Barr is also considering his resignation. Trump is convinced that he has the legal right to instruct the Justice Minister what to do. There can be no longer any question of the independence of the judiciary.
  • Trump sells himself as a virus ex-expert (but writes Corona wrongly in his tweets), claims that there are enough tests available for all Americans. In fact, the US only has 75,000 test kits, which is far too few. Trump also prevents sick people from being brought ashore on the cruise ship in front of San Francisco so as not to “drive up the number of cases in the US”. Election campaign first.
  • Unlike many other governments, Trump does not show a clear line against Corona. Everything seems to be campaigned. First he downplayed the virus and defamed China, then he suddenly snubbed the EU with entry bans that had not been agreed, then he talked about sending American workers back to work before Easter after just 2 weeks, and only a little later about 100,000 dead to talk in the US. Trump reacts wrongly and too slowly. New York is a good example. For him, only re-election seems to count - no matter what happens to the people of his country in Corona times.
  • Trump rebukes a reporter at a press conference and brags that he knows South Korea better than anyone. According to him, Seoul has a population of 38 million, which is not true. There are 9.7 million. Apparently he misinterpreted the Wikipedia entry on the height above sea level (38 m).
  • In January, the White House and thus also Trump were verifiably warned of the corona pandemic. Trump played down the virus in early March. At the beginning of April, Trump now praises himself: "I couldn't have done it better." => What nonsense. Like Johnson, Trump is one of the rulers who prepared their country the worst, which is now reflected in the highest death and infection rates in the world.
  • Trump said verbatim at a press conference: "If someone is President of the United States, he has all-encompassing power." Shows very nicely how close democracy in the USA is at the moment already on the brink.
  • Trump stops contributions to the WHO and makes serious allegations in connection with Corona - apparently to distract from his own inability and failure to handle the crisis. US House of Representatives spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi aptly sums it up: "The truth is that Donald Trump was warned about this pandemic in January, ignored these warnings, taken inadequate action and caused unnecessary death and misfortune".
  • Trump is delaying the dispatch of the Corona aid checks for the Americans in order to have his own name printed on the checks - election campaign first. As always.
  • After Trump had to realize that he is not the sole ruler over the governors and states, he incited demonstrators in democratically run states on Twitter to fight against the corona restrictions and also brought the second amendment to the US constitution, the law Carrying weapons guaranteed, into the game. Dangerous and pathetic at the same time!
  • Trump's course in the corona crisis continues. First he calls for quick easing, then the next day he reprimands a state for easing too quickly. No clear line recognizable.
  • After his proclaimed “malaria miracle cure” fails according to studies, Trump recommends investigations into the spraying of bleach and disinfectants (which incidentally is life-threatening to fatal).
  • After an unflattering article in the NY Times, Trump tweeted that he was "the hardest working president in history (...) and in the first three and a half years he probably accomplished more than any other president in history." How ridiculous. Does he really believe that himself? Probably. Still nonsense.
  • Trump sees the above-average number of corona infected people as a “good thing” and claims that the number comes about because the USA simply tests a lot more than other countries. Complete nonsense and simply wrong. Incredible how the man twists truths.
  • Trump makes fun of the presidential candidate Biden when he wears a mask in public. Sure, you can do it in the face of more than 100,000 corona deaths in the USA. Incomprehensible.
  • Trump announces that he will get out of the WHO immediately and stop all payments - and that in the midst of the corona pandemic, just to distract from his own failure. How much china and decades of progress will this president smash on a whim?
  • After the death of the Black George Floyd by a white police officer, violence escalates, riots break out, hundreds of thousands protest against decades of racism and police violence. And Trump? Pouring oil on the fire with tweets, threatening more violence, wanting the military to crack down and, if necessary, shoot at looting demonstrators - only to be the determined president in the election campaign. Moral compass, the will to unite or oppose racism - none of them. Instead, he blames the left-wing Antifa and wants to declare them a terrorist organization. A rogue who believes Trump is getting these riots quite right to distract from the corona crisis.
  • Shameful - Trump approves tear gas and rubber bullets on peaceful demonstrators so that he can walk to a photo opportunity in front of the nearby St. John's Church unmolested. There he then poses for press photos with a Bible in hand.
  • In 2016, Trump insulted QB Colin Kaepernick as a son of a bitch and called for him to be kicked out because he wanted to draw attention to racism while kneeling during the national anthem - 4 months before the election and with anti-racism demonstrations around the world on his neck, he showed himself to be a fan and pretended to be as if nothing had ever happened. So ridiculous. For 4 years the man has not thought of anyone but himself and his re-election. That's the only thing that matters - no matter what the cost (democracy, morality, all other Americans - everything is subordinated to that). A narcissist beyond compare.
  • Trump tries by all means to prevent the publication of the book of his former National Security Advisor Bolton, because in the book he shows a really dark (and probably very realistic!) Picture of the President, his politics and the processes in the White House. It will be interesting to see whether the censorship and the curtailment of freedom of the press will succeed. Trump portrays the book, the author and the contents as lies and fictitious. I think they are the full truth.
  • After much too early easing measures with regard to Corona, the number of infections in the USA continues to rise dramatically. 2.4 million infected people and more than 124,000 dead speak for themselves. Trump plays that down. He would like to reduce the number of tests because there would then also be fewer cases in the statistics. Incomprehensible. The US remains the hardest hit country in the world - not least thanks to the decisions of its president.
  • After the Confederate flag, a symbol of slavery and racism, was banned from NASCAR races, Trump tweeted against the only black driver and complained about the flag decision. He asked the driver to apologize for anti-racism protests after an FBI-investigated incident involving a gallows rope found in his box, which turned out to be a harmless pull rope for the garage door.
  • Trump continues to lie to himself through the election campaign and belittles Corona wherever possible. He claims 99% of all infections were "completely harmless" - another of many lies.
  • Trump pardons Roger Stone, a long-time confidante who was convicted in the Russia Affair, and saves him from prison. Another case of clear abuse of office. Should Trump be re-elected in the fall, democracy in the US, or what is left of it, will probably go out of steam for good.
  • Against the will of the city and state, the Trump administration in Oregon uses paramilitary forces to drag demonstrators in unmarked vehicles and transport them away. The emergency services do not wear name tags. This is how dictators operate.
  • Trump announces governance by decree bypassing Congress. If that holds true for the last few months of his first term in office, then the US is definitely on the way to an authoritarian, if not dictatorial system. Good night, democracy.
  • Trump is publicly thinking about postponing the election due to the Corona, since the postal vote is so prone to forgery - the first step to question the election in advance so that you do not have to vacate office in the event of a defeat. Biden warned of this in April. This man just needs to be voted out of office. Hopefully many Republicans will realize the shame he brings on the office and the country, and how wrong it was to block the impeachment process.
  • In one Interview with HBO shows very nicely how incredibly incompetent Trump is. My respect to Jonathan Swan for being able to stay serious with so many lies, so much stupidity and so many, sometimes disgusting statements and distortions of facts. Some examples:
    • Trump claims the US would have millions of deaths if his government hadn't done such a fantastic job and were the world leaders in corona control and testing - what a blatant twist of reality. The USA is one of the top 3 industrial countries that are hardest hit by Corona and that are worst in every statistic.
    • Trump cannot correctly interpret and understand the statistics he has brought with him. Any eighth grader would have spontaneously done better.
    • Trump claims to have done more for the black population than any president before him. So ridiculous.
    • In response to specific inquiries, however, there are no arguments, only many repetitions of the same lies over and over again.
  • In the first press conference after Kamala Harris was nominated as the vice-candidate for presentation in Team Biden, Trump attacks her sharply as a liar and a malicious person. Says exactly the right person. How was that with the glass house and the stones?
  • Trump is trying to make Germany and Europe look bad on a PC with rising numbers of new infections, by claiming, among other things, that the numbers in Germany will rise by 62%, while they will fall in the USA. Well, Germany currently reports 1,000 new infections per day in a population of 83 million, while the USA reports 50,000 in a population of 330 million. Anyone who can calculate sees where the truth lies.
  • Trump claims once again on a PK that the US is “doing incredibly well”. Meanwhile, Europe experienced 40 percent higher excess mortality than the USA during the Corona crisis. "We are working with Europe on their difficulties," claims Trump.