Does Donald Trump own a golf course

Departure of US President Donald Trump : Golf also breathes a sigh of relief

Analyzes of the end of Donald Trump's term of office have always dealt with the devastation he is leaving behind in the transatlantic relationship, in global alliances and in international politics. Of course, that's not all. Golf, for example! He also suffered quite a bit under the 45th US President, as one must assume, even if nobody wants to talk about it openly. Much too political.

The fact that US presidents play golf is nothing new in itself. According to, a putting green in the White House is part of the standard equipment in the presidential garden, universities offer golf, and municipalities have golf courses like soccer fields in this country.

The big but is that before the 45th President no one could be seen with golf caps and clubs in the green and artificially perforated hilly landscapes - and much more: that up to now no one has embodied the extremely rich, elitist, unsympathetic people who do not take any duties seriously that golf has long stood for in this country, but with which it would prefer not to have anything to do with.

Everyone who campaigned for a democratic understanding of golf has been able to pull their hair out almost every day for the past four years. And it didn't help that a journalist revealed how often Trump cheated while golfing. So that golf was only its victim. Since the beginning of 2016, all image work has been in vain.

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How low the reputation of age-appropriate outdoor sports was, became particularly clear on the day when the result of the presidential election became known. When Donald Trump found out about this while playing golf at his Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, the world sucked in an indignant breath. What a snob! The fact that Kamala Harris was jogging at the same time was happily commented on. Look, so fit!

So hard years for the golf image will come to an end in January, which the golf course pictures in the news will not adequately offset. Another problem, presumably, was that the golf courses were all Trump's property. If he had once let the balls fly on a public golf course.

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