How can we increase efficiency

Improve work organization11 tips for more efficiency in the workplace

The normal case is almost always that there is more to be done than you can actually manage. Your first endeavor should be to reduce the number of tasks. You can simply delete some tasks. This usually works for everyone who is neither important nor tied to an urgent appointment. If your assessment was correct, no one will care or notice the canceled task.

At the other end of the scale is the kind of “burning” task, as the saying goes. In other words: They are important and urgent because they belong to a close and fixed date. This means that they have absolute priority and must be tackled immediately.

And then there is the gray area in which there are tasks that do not have a fixed deadline, but are still important or have to be completed. This includes, for example, developing new products and services, answering a colleague's request or starting a new customer campaign. The danger is: Such tasks are often lost in day-to-day business.

You can counter this by breaking down the important but not urgent tasks into several subtasks and doing one of them every day or every week. Therefore, give these subtasks a date on which you will work on the task. Another possibility is to create time pressure, for example by convening a project group with a fixed start date.