Pandora makes you feel euphoric

3-D euphoria in Vegas

Every year, stars and producers meet at the ShoWest in Las Vegas to present their new films. This year everything was about 3-D. The studios presented the highlights that should bring the cinema back growth. And what is rolling towards us? We introduce you to some of these 3-D hits, without being able to look into the future and know whether this whole euphoria will also reach the cinema viewers.

Avatar - Departure to Pandora from James Cameron
The film is celebrated as a major event in 2009. Here an exotic planet is to be explored by people. But since they also have an eye on his resources, this leads to a great battle for survival with the residents. The theatrical release has already been postponed several times because the upgrading of the cinemas is proceeding too slowly.

Monsters vs. Aliens by Rob Letterman and Conrad Vernon
In this 3-D adventure, a monster hunter is supposed to fight nasty aliens that have sneaked into cable TV. The audience at the fair was already able to see the first scenes from the film, which is being shot in 3-D, but for which a 2-D version is also being created in parallel. A theatrical release is planned for summer 2009.

Kung Fu Panda of Mark Osborne and John Stevenson
The film starts this summer and was shown in full at the fair, even if only in 2-D. Here a clumsy panda bear who works in a noodle restaurant dreams of becoming a kung fu master. Since the film two weeks ago Wall-E starts, there are not only two cartoon characters but also two techniques fighting at the box office.

Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D of Eric Brevig
Brendan Fraser will start the journey in summer 2008. This makes him the first actor in a real film that was digitally 3-D produced. Nothing very good is said about the story, but it will still be an experience.

Hannah Montana of Bruce Hendricks - Concert film of a teenage favorite.
Fly me to the moon of Ben Stassen - Animated cartoon for children.