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PUBG beginners guide: How to master the game in 2021

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PUBG is considered the forefather of the battle royale games. Getting started in 2021 will still be worthwhile. In our guide we provide useful tips and tricks.
Almost exactly four years ago, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG for short) changed the world of multiplayer games forever. Battle royale games are still incredibly popular today. If you want to experience PUBG yourself and get into the fray, we provide you with the best tips and tricks to get you started in the beginners' guide.

1. Understand the goal of PUBG

If PUBG is your first battle royale game and you want to jump straight into the fight, you should first be aware of what the goal is. PUBG is not about collecting as many points as possible, eliminating opponents or anything else. The main aim of the game is your own survival.
Whether you proceed cautiously and tactically or face open combat is up to you. Always keep the clear goal in mind: stay alive longer than all other players and you win the game.

2. Understand the state of the game

PUBG is now a few years old. In the fast-paced gaming world, most gamers have already changed games. So it's important to know what you're getting into with PUBG.
There are almost only players active who have remained loyal to PUBG since the beginning and accordingly have a lot of experience and knowledge. Most beginners have long since moved on - so you will mainly meet well-rehearsed teams. Or on bots, because numerous CPU players now populate the servers in order to bring success to one or the other, even for bloody beginners.
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3. Know when to jump off

Regardless of which map and in which mode you play PUBG: A round always begins with jumping out of the plane, which flies in a random path over the map.
Whether you survive 30 seconds or 30 minutes also depends on when and where you jump. If you target settlements, cities or military bases after jumping, you can get high-quality equipment faster, which improves your chances in battle.
However, especially as a beginner, it is advisable to land aside and initially stay out of fights. It is best to move as far away from the flight path as possible, especially in the first few laps, and take individual, empty houses in order to gradually get better equipment and carefully familiarize yourself with the gameplay.

4. Grab the loot

Once on the ground, the hunt for loot and equipment begins. Start your search mainly on the ground inside buildings, because that's where the equipment that has been waiting for you is located. Which items you can find where on the map is determined randomly by PUBG. So it's best to browse one building after the other and with a little luck you will have some weapons, armor and attachments together relatively quickly.

5. The best loadouts for PUBG

You can take two main weapons and a pistol with you in PUBG. Which gun you choose also depends on your personal preferences.
In general, it is advisable to take two different weapons with you - for example an assault rifle and a sniper or a sniper rifle and a shotgun. In this way you ensure that you are prepared for changing distances and conditions.
With the M416 Assault Rifle and the AWM or the UMP 45 and the MK14 you are well equipped for many situations. But maybe you also like completely different loadouts? Take the time to find the weapons that best suit your play style.
In addition, a backpack (allows you to carry more equipment), a helmet and a protective vest are part of every PUBG loadout. You can never have enough medi-kits, painkillers and other healing items with you.

6. What perspective should you play PUBG with?

PUBG offers the option to switch between first-person and third-person perspectives. But which of them is the better? In most cases you should choose the shoulder view, as the third person gives you a better overview.
So it is possible, among other things, to look around the corners of houses or over walls, while in the first person view you only marvel at the beautiful stone textures. Actually logical, right?
Whether you play PUBG alone or in a team with friends changes the game experience completely. Some players prefer to roam the country as a lone wolf on Erangel or Sanhok - even if you heed our Sanhok map guide.
But as a duo or a team of four, your chances of survival can increase immensely if you work well together, share resources and revive each other.
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8. This is how you master the battles in PUBG

Inevitably there will be fights with opponents in a round of PUBG, after all you don't play hide and seek. There are a few things to consider, which may make your life a lot easier.
As usual in the genre of Battle Royale games, you should move within the safe zone, which is marked with a blue line on the map. You should also always stay away from the red zones, as artillery fire will seek your life here.
As for the direct encounter with other players: Here you have to learn when it is worth fighting and when not. For example, if you are being shot at from a distance, you should take cover rather than return fire.
Assault rifles and many other weapons have a short range. It is better to be on the safe side and let the opponents approach instead of looking for a confrontation. Many categories also allow you to adjust the fire mode at the push of a button: With burst fire or single shots, you have significantly more success at a distance than with continuous fire.