When did violin finger straps appear?

After his successful booklets "Kinderliederhits" (ED 9830) and "Weihnachtsliederhits" (ED 9908), the Dortmund songwriter and music teacher Klaus Neuhaus has initiated a third project: a collection of 50 songs that deal with musical instruments. All important instruments are represented with their own song, from the violin to the flute, clarinet, to the French horn or the accordion, many songs also deal with the interplay of different instruments. In addition to well-known traditional songs such as "Wir sind die Musikanten", "Es tönen die Lieder" or "Eine kleine Geige" there are also new songs by well-known songwriters such as "Der Liederbus" or "Jedem Kind ein Instrument" by Klaus Neuhaus or "Der Musikzug" "(Wolfgang Hering) or" Ten Little Musicians "by Dorothee Kreusch-Jakob. A treasure trove for teachers in schools and music schools, as the songs are suitable for many instruments to play together and some of them can also be implemented in a scenic manner.

Binding:Saddle stitching
Content text:Eighty eight keys
All of my ducklings play the double bass
Beggar's wedding
The forests are colorful
The bear orchestra
Cello song
The quintet
The spinet
The Trumpet Pig
The orchestra
The fiddler
The wood worm in the piano
The Indian chief
the May has come
The musicians bus - the music train
The finger band
The trumpet
The bird wedding
The accordion
Three chinees with the double bass
A little violin
The songs sound
Good evening Good evening
Good evening, Mr. Spielmann
Hans Michel, who lives ...
Hogan's wedding
Hurray, we're going through Musika today
I am the viola
I am a musician
In Master André's shop
An instrument for every child
Dear Nicholas, listen to me
My instruments
My harmonica
With flutes and violins
Oh Susanna
This is what my keyboard sounds like
Dancing and jumping
Viola, bass and violins
What kind of school do we have
What is that?
What is my little violin doing
What do we like to do?
What do we want to sing? -How lovely sounds
Where's the accordion
Ten little musicians
Difficulty:very easy to easy
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