Who invented take-away?

Take away food in Mallorca: we have a few suggestions for you

Mallorca's restaurants are still closed. It is still uncertain when they will be allowed to reopen completely or at least in part, for example outdoors. For all those who have neither the time nor the inclination to cook for themselves, take-away and delivery options remain. In the past, pizza and sushi bars were primarily known for this, but the range has now expanded and improved enormously. Even star chefs are very active. You could get used to this, especially since many restaurants would like to continue offering this expansion of their culinary offer after Corona. The second aspect that speaks for the offers: You help the restaurants to survive. We talked to three chefs about the "new" line of business and recommend a small selection of other restaurants.

Eat vacuum cooking

Estiven Arráez founded his cooking school Eat Vacuum Cooking in Palma in the summer of 2017 and successfully offered a large number of courses, some with guest chefs. But Corona has put an end to that for the time being. Instead of putting your hands on your lap, Arráez launched a take-away and delivery offer from May 2020 that is a little different from most of the others. Because one of his core competencies is vacuum cooking. He also trains professional chefs in this.

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Now he makes use of this technology and vacuum seals all of his dishes, which not only arrive uncomplicated at the customer's "packaged" point of view, but can also be stored in the refrigerator for several days and then simply have to be warmed up - in the microwave or in a hot water bath Its range is broad: it offers individual dishes for 5.50 euros (minimum purchase of five), changing weekly menus (25 euros) and themed menus for 25 euros (Thai, Japanese, Nikkei, vegetarian).

There is also a special menu for Valentine's Day: 60 euros for two, order by February 11, 8 p.m., pick-up on February 13. Otherwise a lead time of 48 hours applies: www.tallerdecocinapalma.com, collection: C /. Isidoro Antillon, 91, Palma, Tuesday and Friday 10 am–12pm, home delivery on the same day.

Aromata restaurant

The star chef Andreu Genestra is currently mainly active in his Aromata restaurant in Palma, where he runs his new, quasi-mobile restaurant, which he has given a catchy name with “AGo”. “Resigning or demonstrating doesn't help, you have to be creative . " For the new range, Genestra has created dishes that both reflect its cooking philosophy - the best, local products if possible - and are also suitable for transport and heating on the home stove, in the oven or in the microwave. “To do this, you have to take various aspects into account and make compromises. It's not just the packaged dishes of the Aromata, our offer is something new. "

There are no crispy crusts, for example, because they would not survive delivery times, no matter how fast. “Some of them are popular, traditional dishes, but they are prepared with a special kick or in a special combination. For example, we combined the ensaladilla rusa with prawns, a good country chicken is seasoned in a special way and has a truffle puree as a side dish, or the popular cannelloni filled with chicken come with a tuna topping and also with truffles. "(Prices: 14–24 euros). Genestra's offer is not only popular with previous regular guests, it has also won many new customers. Tip: the four-course Valentine's Day menu (plus amuse gueules) for 29 euros until 14.2 1 to 3.30 p.m. or 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., pick up the dishes in the restaurant or have them delivered via Glovo. Aromata, C /. De la Concepció, 12, Palma (orders via WhatsApp 608-95 73 99 or www.aromatarestaurant.com) .

Marc Fosh Restaurant

Marc Fosh, MZ author and owner of the Michelin-starred restaurant of the same name in Palma, has also found a name for his offer: "Fosh Food @ Home". The customer can choose main courses, desserts and side dishes and order them by Tuesday 10 p.m. (minimum order 50 euros). Then they shop accordingly, cook in the restaurant's kitchen, pack up, and on Friday Fosh and his wife Iris, who give him everything they do, drive supports, all deliveries personally across the island. After all, that's 150 to 200 servings per week. "You can keep most dishes in the refrigerator for two or three days, many even buy food for the whole week and freeze it," says Iris Fosh . Exciting: the Wellington fillet with salmon instead of beef fillet and the leg of lamb with pomegranate seeds. Main course prices: 24–36 euros each for two people (reservations via WhatsApp 626-19 25 97 or at www.foshfoodathome.com).

More offers

Palillos y Cuchillos in Palma
Cheap dishes and menus, style: world cuisine. Multi-course Valentine's Day menu for 40 euros / 2 people. C /. Jafuda Cresques, 4. Tel .: 871-73 14 94, FB: Palillos y Cuchillos. Pick-up or delivery service.
Top Lebanese cuisine. With the exception of a few dishes, everything can be selected from the menu. C /. Annibal, 21. Tel .: 971-28 60 78, FB: Restaurante Libanés Rotana, www.restauranterotana. com. Pick-up or delivery service via Just Eat or Deliveroo.
In the middle of the Corona crisis six months ago, Marcelo Tucci and his brother Adrian opened the restaurant in the Santa Catalina district. "We are not fixated on one kitchen style, we cook what tastes good," says Tucci. Avda. Argentina, 31. Tel .: 971-77 82 63, Instagram: Pleno Almacén de Sabores. Collection only.
Cor barra i taula in Palma
Santi Taura's second restaurant offers delicious things from mini liver skewers to the Santi Taura classic ensaladilla rusa to Iberian secreto from the top company Joselito. There is currently a five-course Valentine's Day menu for 40 euros. C /. Capuxins, 4. Tel .: 656-73 82 14, FB: Cor barra i taula. Pick-up plus Glovo delivery service.
Here it is mainly paellas in many variations that Chef Miguel Gelabert cooks on Saturdays and Sundays. On February 13th, from 4 to 6 p.m., you can pick up a five-course Valentine's Day menu for 35 euros, including a bottle of wine from Bodega Mesquida Mora. C /. Valencia, 7. Tel .: 971-55 00 02, FB: Can March Restaurant. Only pickup.
Celler Can Amer at Lloseta
Tomeu Torrens has had considerable success with his "new" cellar, which is not only due to the dignified quality and traditional cuisine, but certainly also to its unbeatable price: The three-course lunch menu with many options, including mostly suckling pig, is available for 12, 50 euros including drink. C /. De Miners, 4. Tel .: 971-50 12 61 or WhatsApp 608-41 13 91, FB: Celler Can Amer. Collection only.
Adelfas in Nova Santa Ponça
Chef Jens Bräuning has many satisfied customers who like to bring their dishes home. There is a daily changing menu for 26 euros or an à la carte selection. C /. Chopin, 5th Tel .: 871-
77 41 51, FB: Adelfas Restaurant by Jens. Only pickup.
Paradise and Heidi Schnitzelhütte in Cala Ratjada
The two restaurants are working together in terms of advertising and delivery service. At Paradise, chef Jürgen Kämpf cooks creatively with an Asian touch, sometimes Greek, sometimes home-style German such as cabbage rolls and fried fish. The Heidi Schnitzelhütte, on the other hand, offers fine alpine cuisine from cheese spaetzle to Wiener Schnitzel. Avda. Agulla, 106 and 48. Tel .: 697-13 84 69. FB: Paradise Restaurant, FB: Heidi Schnitzelhütte.ch. Collection and delivery service.