Distinguishes Leia between Vader and Anakin

At the Jedi Council

When I finished breakfast I got my coat and said goodbye to Padmé with a kiss.
I walked down the aisle on the way I met Master Kit Fisto. He was on the Jedi Council. "Good morning, Master," I greeted the Jedi Master. "Nice to see you, Anakin," he said.
He had to go in a different direction.
I said goodbye to him and continued on my own. The Jedi Temple was so huge. I used to get lost all the time, but now I know almost every corner and almost every hiding place. I knew where which Jedi lived or in which parts of the temple the politicians or clones lived. They lived on the lower floors and we Jedis and Padawans lived on the upper floors. Despite the difference of opinion between politics and us it is still very harmonious.

Only Yoda found something not going as it should. The dark side lurks in every corner.
She is seductive and very powerful.
Count Dooku was once a very powerful Jedi Master but was seduced by the dark side.
At first I didn't believe that some Jedis actually switched
Back then I swore I would never do anything like this. So far I've kept my promise and I will keep it.

"Anakin". Obi Wan came towards me.
"Hello master," I said. "How did you sleep?" I wanted to know?
"Very good just had a bit of a headache," he reported.
"And how are you and your leg?", My old master asked, a little worried. "It won't go away," I said.
I smiled at myself and had to grin. Obi Wan is so good to talk to. He is like the father I never had, but also like a brother that I have always missed. Ten years of age separated us, but I didn't care.
When he started my training, he was actually still a padawan himself, but Darth Maul killed his master Qui Gon Jinn.
His last will was that he trained me. He fulfills the wish and here I am now. I was a Jedi Knight. I will soon be taking my exam as a Jedi Master.

"We have to go to the council and report back," said Obi Wan.
"Yes, we shouldn't waste any time," I said.
We hurried to the council. We were already expected by the 12 members.
"Well, Master Kenobi, what could you find out?" Asked Plo Koon.
"How we found out is Dooku is a Sith student of Darth Sidous," Obi told Wan.
"He also has armies of battle droids," I said.
"Where's the documentary?" Mace Windu wanted to know.
"Unfortunately, I don't know. I had to fight numerous battle droids and he escaped and flew away with a spaceship, "I said.
"We have to find documentation" said Yoda. He was small, but very wise and the oldest Jedi who lived.
"Master Yoda, I assure you that we will find Count Dokuu," I said firmly. "Anakin, it won't be so easy," said Obi Wan.
He was always very careful and preferred to avoid violence, but he usually ends with a fight.
"Obi Wan, may I tell you that we are a very good team," I said.
"Yeah ... almost died yesterday," Obi Wan said indignantly. "Yeah, but you survived," I said.
"Quiet now!" Called Kid A Mundi.
"Anakin Master Kenobi you both will look for and find documentation", Shaak Ti a Togruta asked us.
"Yes Master Ti," I said.

The council got up and left the room. Yoda not he walked slowly towards us with his stick. "Master Kenobi you have to be careful when looking for documentation," said the old, wise Jedi.
"Don't worry, Master, we'll take care of ourselves," said Obi Wan.
Yoda nodded and left us.

"Do you think Yoda thinks the mission will be more dangerous than yesterday's?" I asked him. "I don't know," he replied.
I made a movement of my head.
Without saying another word went out of the room.
Obi Wan ran behind me ..

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