What are signatures of life

The signatures of life

The mysterious “doctrine of signatures” has its origins in Hermes Trismegistus in the Old Kingdom of Egypt. The golden chain of knowledge extends from the wisdom of Greece and antiquity, which was revived in the work of Paracelsus and handed down from Hahnemann to Edward Bach, to the modern alchemists.
The therapist Regula Zwicky, who works in Switzerland, also settles in this venerable tradition. It records the origins of the doctrine of signatures as well as its practical application in herbal medicine today. At home in both worlds, as a spiritual researcher and as the founder of the herbal medicine institute "Terrafloris", she spans a fascinating arc between ancient wisdom and modern medicine.
An impressive work that shows in a credible and convincing way the immense importance of the ancient doctrine of signatures even today!

Regula Zwicky worked for many years as a qualified radiologist in various Swiss clinics. In addition, she acquired numerous degrees in alternative healing methods and specialized in working with flower essences. She is a trainer for Bach flower therapists and runs a practice on the Swiss side of Lake Constance. In her research, she examines the connection lines from the therapists of antiquity to their aftereffects in the present.