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Mixer vs. conventional instrument (guitar / violin / drums etc)

sebhala wrote:

Mönsch people, the subject can only go down the drain. Can't you just put the exoslime post again in bold under here and then close it? Suggestion: http://www.ableton.com/download-live-trial 30 days should be enough for the average guitar-playing over-musician to become the next technogeny, all you have to do is play around in the computer and the lye is ready. Then we'll open up again in 30 days and everyone shows what they're capable of, and incoming can then also put it on record. Oh no, only "real instruments" are allowed for this ...

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I don't think so, the question is justified. I understood the TE in such a way that it is not about writing and producing a techno song, but about working on turntables, etc. Mixing console would in fact be a misleading or rather wrong term in this context.
Call me a conservative or a music Nazi, but to be honest, I find it difficult to call the work of a DJ, who plays records, i.e. OTHER'S music, and mixes it together, as being equivalent to having my own songs with my band stand on the stage. Is that so absurd?
I've had the discussion many times, but to be honest I haven't heard a convincing argument from the "other side". A DJ has to choose songs and mix them together. Mixing is sure to be difficult, no question about it, I absolutely couldn't! But what's the other problem?

Of course, we're talking about something completely different when the DJ only uses the songs live as samples and then processes them with various effects. That is definitely demanding, something independent and therefore interesting.

And composing electro songs is another completely different topic. It's different, but just as complex as writing a rock song. No question!

But the DJs who stand in the club at night and hang up - sorry, but that doesn't mean making music for me! It has nothing to do with the fact that I don't respect these people or their work, but for me they are two pairs of shoes.
At this point, however, I admit that I am absolutely not a connoisseur of the subject. Anyone who can plausibly explain to me what can be demanding apart from mixing the songs, I like to believe.

And sorry if this post completely missed the discussion and I misunderstood the TE.