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At the KMRCTechnology-based learning arrangements are primarily seen as socio-technical systems in which personal, educational, social, and technological factors interact with each other.
The Institute understands Technology-based learning arrangements primarily as socio-technical systems in which personal, educational, social and technological factors interact with one another.
Therefore, research at the KMRC is not restricted to see the innovative and high-performance character of new technologies but first and foremost their accessibility for learning and teaching processes.
Because of this, take this into account IWM alongside the innovative and high-performance character of new technologies, especially their possible uses for teaching and learning processes.
The ScienceCampus Tübingen is an interdisciplinary research network linking all research areas and labs of the KMRC, several institutes of the University of Tuebingen, and external partner institutions from Freiburg and Mannheim.
The ScienceCampus Tübingen is an interdisciplinary project network in which all research areas and departments of the IWM, several institutes of the University of Tübingen, as well as external partners from Freiburg and Mannheim are involved.
Research at the KMRC is divided into the following research areas: Individual Learning with Hypermedia, Cypermedia, and Multimedia as well as Collaborative Learning Scenarios and Internet-based Communication, and Cross-Sectional Activities.
The research on IWM is divided into the areas of "knowledge acquisition with interactive presentation media", "knowledge acquisition with communication and cooperation media" and "cross-research activities".
This line will be constructed and maintained by a separate body named Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation (KMRC).
Line 2 is operated by a separate company, the Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (KMRCL).
The KMRC is committed to an interdisciplinary approach and integrates perspectives from cognitive and educational science, (human) behavioral and social sciences as well as media technology.
ask of Knowledge acquisition and knowledge exchange with new media is handled by the IWM from the perspective of cognitive, behavioral and social sciences, taking into account media-technical know-how.
The KMRC research strategy comprises fundamental research questions on media-based learning as well as applied research questions of how to implement and evaluate media-based learning in major areas of the educational system (school, university, and continuing education).
Various internal (e.g., publication policy, monitoring of current research activities) and external (e.g., scientific advisory board) quality assurance measures serve to ensure and enhance the quality of research at the KMRC.
At the national level, the institute is a member of the Leibniz Association and works closely with the Department of Applied Cognitive Psychology and Media Psychology at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen. It works internationally IWM partnerships with renowned actors from the European and non-European research landscape.
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