How many Naruto Shippuden episodes will be dubbed

Naruto Shippuden: interruption of the new episodes

Something unexpected can happen at any time during Shinobi missions. Sometimes you have to pull back briefly - to attack again later. Naruto always has to face new revived fighters that Kabuto shakes out of his sleeve. And in our world, unfortunately, the synchronization of the new episodes is delayed.

New episodes in the new year

We cannot continue with season 16 as planned after season 15. As soon as the synchronization is finished, we will attack again, I promise. The time will come at the beginning of next year. There are then 23 new episodes. The program in the Anime Action then looks like this: We will show new episodes in German premieres until November 18th (Friday) and conclude season 15 with "Newborn Akatsuki". Then it goes back to the past - to the beginnings of Akatsuki.

From November 21st (Monday) we're back in season three. It then continues with "The Two Kings". Naruto trains in it together with Sora. Like Naruto, this one carries the chakra of the fox spirit within itself, but without being a real Jinchuuriki. Naruto learns more about his fox spirit, with whom he does not get along so well at this point in time. An important step on his way. Because without the fox spirit, the Shinobi war that rages in seasons 15 and 16 would have been very different ...