Who is the biggest baby ever born?

Baby records: these are the most extreme births in the world

Every birth is a small miracle. But these cases are really record-breaking: Read from the oldest mother, the lightest baby to the earliest premature baby - all of them unimaginable births.

The average newborn in Germany is born after 268 days of pregnancy, weighs around 3,500 grams, 51.3 percent is a boy and one of 1.54 children of a woman who is 30 years old.

However, as is well known, exceptions confirm the rule. A woman from Senftenberg in Brandenburg gave birth to a very special boy at the end of October: He weighs 6.7 kilograms and is 57 centimeters tall - a record for the hospital. The boy named Leander Joel was born by caesarean section in the Carl-Thiem-Klinikum (CTK) in Cottbus.

The oldest mother

Year after year, statistics show that women in this country are getting older when they give birth to their first child. But that is nothing compared to Rajo Devi Lohan. The Indian woman's marriage remained childless for 55 years. Then in 2008 artificial insemination took place and the birth in the same year - at that time Rajo was 70 years old and thus reportedly the oldest primiparous mother in the world. She had had menopause 20 years earlier.

The most childbearing woman

Even if it is hard to imagine, it is certified and recorded in the Guinness Book of Records: A Russian woman - only known as the wife of the farmer Fyodor Wassiljew from Shuja - gave birth to 69 children in her life. In 27 pregnancies between 1725 and 1765, she probably had 16 pairs of twins, seven triplets and four quadruplets, as reported by the Mikolskaya Monastery to Moscow in 1782. Of the children, at least 67 survived infancy.

Most children at one birth

Quadruplets are far from the maximum: According to the Guinness Book of Records, there were three cases of ten of a kind: 1924 in Spain, 1936 in China, 1946 in Brazil. However, the reports are not supported by medical files. There are also reports of multiple births of nine and eight-fledged babies. But only in one case is it known that all babies survived the birth, which is why Nadya Suleman from the USA is listed as the record holder in the Guinness Book. She gave birth to six boys and two girls in 2009. It then became known as "Octomum".

The heaviest newborn

In 1879, a staggering 2.27-meter-tall Canadian Anna Bates gave birth to a boy in Ohio who weighed 10.8 kilograms. But the heaviest newborn baby recorded to date died just eleven hours after birth. The heaviest child to survive, according to the Guinness book, was a boy weighing 10.2 kilograms, who was born in 1955 in Aversa, Italy.

The lightest newborn

Emilia from Witten in Westphalia had the lightest recorded birth weight of a child who survived. The girl was born in 2015 after 26 weeks of pregnancy, weighing 229 grams.

Rumais Rahman has long been considered the lightest premature baby. She was born in 2004 in Illinois, USA, after 25 weeks and six days of pregnancy, weighing 244 grams.

In Germany, a boy weighing 275 grams was born in the Göttingen University Medical Center in 2009. According to all known documents, it is the world's lightest boy who survived a premature birth.

The earliest premature baby

Frieda stayed in the womb only half as long as other children. The girl from Fulda was born after only 21 weeks and five days and, together with a Canadian boy, is considered to be the earliest premature baby to survive. Frieda weighed 460 grams when she was born.

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