What are your favorite magazines in India

The Readly offer ("" Readly-Abo "") entitles the holder to unlimited digital reading of magazines and newspapers during the active contract period and is extended by one month for 9.80 € / month, if not within 48 hours Is terminated at the end of the respective contract period ("subscription extension"). Works perfectly under iOS on the iPad. Please note, however, that the following months will then each cost € 9.99. At Lidl, new customers can test Readly for 2 weeks free of charge. Update Now testable for 2 months free of charge without a voucher! Exclusive Lidl offer: read your favorite magazines for 2 months for free * conveniently in an app. It should also work for customers who do not currently have a subscription to Readly but are already registered there. 14.95 / month if it is not canceled with 48 hours' notice to the end of the respective contract period ("subscription renewal"). Readly is now offering a 3-month trial to all new customers for just € 0.99 once. Readly 3 months for 0.99 € You can currently test Readly for 3 months for only 0.99 €. This can be done by clicking under "My Account". UPDATE FROM 1.11.2018. Normally you can only test the magazine flat rate for 2 weeks for free. Admittedly, there is hardly any time to read between home office, homeschooling, household chores and childcare. ›New customer promotion: 2 months free, afterwards € 9.99 Readly: 2 months for € 1.99 in the sale + participation in the iPad competition UPDATE FROM 1.5.2019 The LIDL promotion is still hot. I've been using Readly for over a year and I'm excited about the variety of current astronomy, auto, sports, history magazines, literary topics, etc. Readly free trial for 2 months - access to over 4,000 magazines, unlimited access to over 4,000 magazines / 10,000 free issues Test for 2 months at [...] The offer can be canceled at any time, including shortly before the end of the third month. Just dedicate yourself to your favorite magazines on your smartphone in between - whenever you have a few minutes to spare. If you like reading magazines, Readly currently has a great offer: With Readly you have access to over 4,000 magazines and you can now test it for 2 months completely free of charge! 5 profiles, online and offline and on all devices. However, this exclusive offer is limited in time, so you shouldn't hesitate too long with your decision. Readly: Read over 4,000 magazines for free for 2 months. I also like to use Readly on the go with my Android tablet. * The Readly offer ("Readly subscription") entitles you to unlimited digital reading of magazines and newspapers during the active contract period and is extended by one month for CHF. You save a total of 19.98 euros and another 2.99 euros if Extend it for three months. The offer must be canceled and does not end automatically. 35 comments | 04/04/2020. Summer is over, now it's the sale. The Readly offers range from a large selection of magazines to practical gift cards from the provider. To offer. with even English and French publications.