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The new PRINCE2 Agile: 10 facts you should know

A month ago the long-awaited PRINCE2 Agile was finally launched. Is PRINCE2 Agile the new star in the agile sky? Is there any use for you and your projects at all? We now had four weeks to take a close look at the concept, the manual and the training approach. You will find out everything you need to know in the 10 facts about PRINCE2 Agile.

1. Is PRINCE2 Agile now the new PRINCE3?

No, because PRINCE2 Agile cannot be used on its own. The PRINCE2 described separately in the 2009 version remains the basis. PRINCE2 Agile is based on this. PRINCE2 Agile assumes a complete application of PRINCE2. All seven processes and all seven topics are taken into account in PRINCE2 Agile. PRINCE2 Agile is an addition and shows how PRINCE2 projects can be expanded to include agile concepts.

It takes into account a variety of existing agile frameworks, supplements the seven principles of PRINCE2 with five so-called agile behaviors and embeds agile concepts and techniques at the appropriate place in the topics and processes for the PRINCE2 project manager.

2. Who is PRINCE2 Agile designed for?

PRINCE2 Agile is intended for everyone who is already using PRINCE2 and who would like to expand their knowledge and understanding of agile approaches. PRINCE2 Agile primarily addresses organizations that have already established PRINCE2 as a common language and standard. These can be companies that align their internal projects accordingly. Project companies that have to master many external customer projects also create a repeatability of success with PRINCE2. In both types of company, the existing environment for project management can now be expanded to include agile concepts. The roles, processes and documents known from PRINCE2 are retained
The other way around, there is also an important statement: It is not primarily designed for newcomers to PRINCE2. So if you are already working in an agile project environment and would like to integrate PRINCE2, PRINCE2 Agile is not designed for you.

3. What are the benefits of PRINCE2 Agile?

Simply put, PRINCE2 Agile combines the advantages of both approaches. This works because the strengths lie on different levels. PRINCE2 focuses on the steering and management level of projects and takes less account of the operational level at which the teams develop the project results. This is exactly where agile approaches are particularly strong. In this way, the good controllability of PRINCE2 projects and the flexibility of Agile are combined.

4. For which projects is PRINCE2 Agile intended?

Many agile methods are specifically intended for software and IT projects. Scrum, as the most popular method, is primarily used in the development of software. This is also the case with XP (Extreme Programming). Other methods such as SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) are clearly aimed at IT companies.
In contrast, like PRINCE2, PRINCE2 Agile would like to be applicable to all types of projects. And so PRINCE2 Agile avoids sticking too closely to methods with a focused application area and remains with the basic integration of agile concepts in the PRINCE2 context

5. What is in the PRINCE2 Agile Manual?

The manual has a similar format and structure to the PRINCE2 manual. In the first part, it brings the approaches of PRINCE2 and Agile into harmony. The second and most important part of the manual shows how PRINCE2 can be adapted in an agile context. Dedicated to the principles, for each individual topic and for each process of PRINCE2. The third part complements other project-relevant agile topics such as requirements. The manual is supplemented by an appendix with a wide variety of useful information from PRINCE2 and Agile.

6. What previous knowledge of Agile is necessary?

No. And this is where PRINCE2 Agile offers a great advantage. It is ideal for everyone who has managed their projects in the "classic" way with PRINCE2 and has only looked interested, sometimes envious, into the agile world. With PRINCE2 Agile, these project managers now have complete, holistic access to agile project management.

7. Who can take part in a training course?

In order to be able to attend the official training with exams, the PRINCE2 Practitioner is necessary. Because PRINCE2 Agile is aimed at project managers who already have application experience in PRINCE2.

8. How is the official PRINCE2 Agile training designed?

The training lasts three days and assumes that the participants already know PRINCE2. In training, however, PRINCE2 is briefly repeated again. The training includes many interactive group work based on a practical scenario in order to familiarize the PRINCE2 project managers with the use of Scrum, Kanban and other approaches.
At the end of the training there is an exam lasting 2.5 hours. It not only checks the knowledge, but also the understanding of the application of agile procedures. The exam takes place in German

9. On which agile method is PRINCE2 Agile based?

PRINCE2 Agile does not claim to design a complete and new agile framework for projects. Nor is it based on a single approach. Rather, PRINCE2 Agile picks up on many different frameworks of the agile world, explains their content and benefits and puts them in the context of PRINCE2. Kanban, Scrum, Cynefin, the Kano model, Kaizen and Lean Startup can be found in the new add-on. PRINCE2 project managers get a complete insight into the diverse forms of the agile world.

10. What are the prospects for PRINCE2 Agile?

PRINCE2 Agile is a sensible and useful addition to the large community of PRINCE2 followers. In this way, the agile advantages can also be used in a PRINCE2 environment. And this in a way that makes PRINCE2 so valuable for companies: in a documented and standardized form that can be conveyed in training courses all over the world. PRINCE2 Agile will not be the new big star in the agile sky and will never be able to overtake Scrum in its popularity. Because two restrictions are homemade:

PRINCE2 Agile comes a few years too late. Many organizations have already recognized the advantages of Agile and have expanded and supplemented their project environment accordingly. For these companies, however, PRINCE2 Agile can still serve as a comparison for optimization.

The training with exams designed by AXELOS is reserved for participants with PRINCE2 practitioner exams. This leaves out all project managers who “only” have a PRINCE2 Foundation certificate. In Germany they even form the majority with around 60%. Hopefully the last word has not yet been spoken here.

And 11: What does this mean for COPARGO customers?

PRINCE2 agile training at an introductory price

We have decided to expand our training spectrum to include PRINCE2 Agile. We are recently accredited as a training organization and look forward to being able to take the PRINCE2 Agile exams in Germany from September.

Our first training will take place on September 28th - 30th in Mainz. We offer an attractive introductory price for participants in the first training. You can find more information and booking here:

For me, these were the 10 most important facts that you should know about PRINCE2 Agile. What has remained open for you? Do you have any questions that we can answer?

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