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Sadhguru - A slightly different spiritual master

Sadhguru, a mystic, yogi, visionary philanthropist and poet, is a slightly different spiritual master. He is a modern guru, equally deeply rooted in worldly and pragmatic matters as in inner experience and wisdom. His life and work show that yoga is not an esoteric discipline from an outdated past, but a science of essential importance for the present day.


Whether in a loincloth or jeans, whether barefoot on the mighty Himalayas or with a BMW motorcycle on the highway - Sadhguru is probably the most unusual mystic you can meet. He is known for the extraordinary diversity of his activities, including paragliding, driving racing cars and large-scale afforestation initiatives. The campaign received an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for planting the largest number of trees in one day: On October 17, 2006, the Isha Foundation's environmental initiative, Project GreenHands, planted 852,587 trees with the support of 250,000 volunteers.

Sadhguru leads meditation programs for over 10,000 participants with the same vigor and ease with which he plays a round of golf. As he moves seamlessly from the ancient to the ultra-modern, Sadhguru bridges the gap between the known and the unknown, allowing those who meet him to explore and experience the deeper dimensions of life. Profound, passionate and provocative at the same time, Sadhguru's lectures have earned him the reputation of a speaker and opinion maker of international renown. Because of his foresight and understanding of social and economic issues, news channels and agencies such as the BBC, Bloomberg, CNBC, CNNfn and Newsweek International have interviewed him. His captivatingly logical and at the same time humorous insights appear regularly in leading Indian newspapers.

Driven by a deep inner experience of oneness and love as well as the desire to help and share with people, Sadhguru established the non-profit Isha Foundation to bring the limitless possibilities of inner transformation closer to the world.

Conscious existence

Sadhguru says of yoga, “Just as there is a science and technology for external well-being, there is also a science and technology for internal well-being. Unfortunately, it is now the case that yoga and meditation are mostly not taught by people who have a deep inner experience. You experience a bit of peace and quiet or stabilize your health, but yoga and meditation are not just about that. When yoga is taught with its full subjectivity, with an experience-based dimension, then you can determine the way in which you experience your life yourself. If you can determine the way in which you experience your life yourself, then of course you will make it absolutely beautiful and pleasant for yourself. So it's essentially not about creating some peace and quiet or happiness - it's essentially about moving from an obsessive to a conscious existence. Right now you are experiencing your life as an obsessive reaction to the situations you find yourself in. If instead your life becomes conscious action, then of course you will make it comfortable for yourself. So yoga is not just about peace - it is about turning your life into a conscious process. Just as we have a physical science to create outer wellbeing, there is an inner dimension of science to create inner wellbeing. I call this inner engineering. "

Inner engineering is an intensive program for individual transformation. Designed by Sadhguru as a synthesis of holistic sciences, Inner Engineering helps to achieve the necessary balance between the challenges of daily life and the inner longing for ultimate wellbeing. The program provides powerful means to recreate yourself through the inner science of yoga and also offers the opportunity to explore higher dimensions of life. The program includes guided meditations and the transmission of the Shambhavi Maha Mudra, a simple but powerful kriya (a process of activating inner energies). Practiced on a regular basis, these exercises have the potential to improve the way we experience our lives in every way. Body and mind are cleansed, which leads to a positive and open outlook on life, as the ability to deal with stressful situations also improves. Interpersonal relationships are deepened and participants can experience a greater sense of connectedness with family, work, and community.

For people who are short on time, Sadhguru offers Inner-Engineering-Online - a program that has benefited millions of people. After completing the online course, one is entitled to take part in the Shambhavi Maha Mudra initiation, which is regularly offered at Isha centers in the USA and Great Britain.

More information at www.InnerEngineering.com and www.IshaFoundation.org

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    Andreas Kuhn

    So have my difficulty with all too successful "gurus". Just think of Bhagwan. After his more than controversial work and known crimes, he was simply renamed Osho by his disciples and is still effective today. Sri Chinmoy has already inspired me more. In the end, I was enthusiastic about Paramahansa Yogananda. I prefer the quiet and less conspicuous gurus. Sadhguru is intelligent, articulate, and funny. But he was, and probably still is, a businessman. His appearance shows that he likes luxury. It is a good thing that wise yogis like Jaggi Vasudev even reach a large number of people who have become so godless. The only question is whether Sadhguru is only one blind man, the other blind man, and only lets himself fall into the abyss in the end (Bible).