Why should you have a sister?

15 reasons your sister is your parents' greatest gift

Even if our sister was sometimes our worst competitor or our most terrible archenemy, in the next moment it was definitely best friend and again Partner in crime at the same time. We spent a hell of a lot of time with her, arguing and laughing. And when the going got tough, we stuck together like bad luck and brimstone.
The love for the sister is a very special one and incomparable in many respects. We have summarized for you why the relationship with your sister is so unique - and possibly the best gift your parents could ever give you:
1. Nobody can advise you on outfit matters better than your sister. Ideally, she'll even decide for you because she just knows your style better than you.
2. And anyway: your wardrobe is also yours.
3. There's this one incredibly embarrassing story that you can't tell anyone, really anyone in this world? You can tell your sister about it. You know she's keeping the story to herself and won't judge you for it.
4. Your sister is without a doubt the best drinking buddy of all - always.
5. Nobody has seen you in your strangest, weirdest moments except your sister.
6. You have the same surname and for that reason alone are connected for a very long time.
7. Your crazy family doesn't need to be embarrassing in front of you, because they are part of it themselves and know everyone from Pappenheim as well as you do.
8. Even if you get into a huge argument with your sister, you know that at the end of the day she will still be there. Because she is your family.
9. If you have a problem, you can call your sister any time of the day or night. She will still listen to you and, if necessary, will be at your door ten minutes later with chocolate.
10. No one can be more at your side when it comes to "men" than your sister, because she knows you best of all.
11. You and your sister can get old and senile.
12. Your sister will tell you straight to your face when you've behaved really badly. And she's the only one allowed to do that.
13. She knows all of your secrets.
14. You've got the best inside jokes up there.
15. She will be the best aunt in the world for your unborn child.