Which 3 letter palindromes are there?

Palindrome Words

What are palindromes?

Palindromes are words, rows of words, or even sentences that are identical when read forwards or backwards. However, a palindrome doesn't have to make sense, only the shape is important.

For example, palindrome words are Otto, Anna, ebb or Grace.

The longest palindrome word of the German language is the Resina canister - a canister full of retsina, a Greek white wine.

kayak, gagpensioner orMount- You can discover palindromes like this and many more in our palindrome list. All German and English palindromes that are approved for word games such as Scrabble® or Words with Friends® are listed there.

Dracula's aluminum card

Palindromes are only really fun when they form strings of words or even entire sentences. Such as:

Amok grandmaNice beds or The kidney was comical: wet sank an oath in October.

They all result in the same words when read from the left or from the right. Punctuation marks such as commas, colons or spaces can be ignored when reading backwards.

The longest known palindrome set to date Incidentally, the German language is as follows:

Spirit adorns life, courage harbors victories, condolences bear verifiable repentance, envy never serves, now envy unites the innovators, love ferments withered, spirit goes, foggy stimulates victory.

In some cases those words are called palindromes that can be read backwards or forwards to form different words.
Like the word, for example Shelf, that read the word backwardswarehouse forms. These words are just as original, but strictly speaking they are not real palindromes, as they do not result in the same words when read backwards or forwards.

Rather, they can be assigned to the anagrams, the superordinate form of palindromes. An anagram is a word that turns letters or syllables into a new word - just like reading backwards from shelf creates a new word.

Our article Palindromes. Words to fear? deals specifically with the comedy of palindromes.

Palindromes are everywhere

Palindromes do not necessarily have to consist of letters. Also series of numbers like 2442, Times like 13:31 but also calendar days such as 02/10/2001 are, strictly speaking, palindromes.

Even entire pieces of music have been composed as a palindrome. Joseph-Hayden's Symphony No. 47, for example, is such a stroke of genius, because it sounds the same when played forwards and backwards.



You can find a digital comparison of the symphony played forwards and backwards on the following Youtube link.

Examples of palindrome sentences:
  • A golden, good virtue: never lie!
  • Oh genius, the Lord honor your ego!
  • An exam? Ne Maxe, never!
  • Was it in the kayak, I don't care.
  • The free beer fred.
  • Unicorn raw? Never!
  • Anni smelled Corinna.
  • The dear dead one - condolences!
  • Spirit victory!
  • Even location.
  • "In Nagold, cocks put money" Anni lied.
  • Ida was in the Atlas, Abdul was loading Basalt on Irrawaddy. (from Fred via the comments)

We have put together even more palindrome sentences for you online and in one document: Palindrome sentences word searchers

And even?

Which palindromes do you know? Have you already come across some ghostly palindromes on posters or calendar sheets in everyday life? Leave a comment, I look forward to your feedback!