How do you set up sponsorships

Take part, become a godmother!

How does a sponsorship help nature?

Becoming a sponsor at NABU means that you are specifically committed to an endangered habitat or species. Sponsorship contributions are voluntary and earmarked donations for a specific sponsorship project. Your regular contributions are particularly valuable because we can plan better with the amounts and use the money particularly efficiently.

What do you get from NABU as a sponsor?

With the welcome folder you will receive a personal certificate and lots of exciting information about the sponsorship project. Twice a year we exclusively inform you about the latest developments in the respective projects with the sponsorship mail. With some NABU sponsorships, we offer excursions or comparable NABU events, where you can learn a lot about the sponsorship projects.

How long does it take to process?

Processing usually takes a few days to a week at most.

If you are giving away a sponsorship and want to give your gift the next day or immediately, we have the following solution for you: In this case, please complete your sponsorship online. In our confirmation e-mail, we will then send you a link with which you can download the sponsorship certificate, print it out yourself and hand it over immediately. The nicer version of the certificate will then be sent by post together with the welcome folder.

Is there a minimum contribution for a NABU sponsorship?

The minimum contribution for a sponsorship at NABU is 5 euros per month, which is 60 euros per year. From our point of view, the sponsorship contribution above this amount is in a reasonable ratio between the specific project work and the effort involved in looking after the sponsorships. We would like to be able to guarantee that at least 80 percent of your sponsorship contribution will be used for the sponsorship projects.

How much of the sponsorship contribution will the project receive?

At least 80 percent of your sponsorship contribution goes directly to the sponsorship project. In order to continue to make our sponsorship projects so successful, they must of course also receive organizational and personnel support at NABU, for example with the half-yearly sponsorship mail, with excursions and our support service. In 2018, NABU used less than 17 percent of its total income for support and administration costs (see also our annual report).



How can I pay my sponsorship contribution?

The most convenient method of payment is certainly that SEPA direct debit mandate. To do this, simply send us your IBAN - either using the secure online form or in writing on our sponsorship applications. Of course, you can also transfer the sponsorship contribution yourself. In this case, the best thing to do is to contact us briefly ([email protected] or by phone at 030.28 49 84-15 74). We are happy to check other payment methods.

Is my sponsorship contribution tax deductible?

Yes, because the sponsorship contribution is a donation that can be deducted from tax as a special expense. In February of the following year you will receive a collective donation receipt for all donations from the previous year together with a letter of thanks from the NABU President.

I live abroad. Can I still become a sponsor at NABU?

Yes of course! Of course, we are happy to send the welcome documents and the regular sponsorship mail abroad. Direct debit is usually not a problem within Europe either - with a few exceptions. Alternatively, you can of course transfer the sponsorship fee or pay by credit card. If in doubt, just contact us.

I have moved: What is the easiest way to notify you of a change of address or a change in my bank details?

Write us a short e-mail ([email protected]) or just give us a call (030. 28 49 84 - 15 74). We look forward to receiving mail from you - send your letter or postcard to: NABU Sponsorship, Charitéstr. 3, 10117 Berlin.

Can I change my sponsorship contribution?

Yes, you can change your sponsorship contribution at any time. A call, a short e-mail or letter is sufficient ([email protected] or 030. 28 49 84–15 74).

I want to end my sponsorship: is there a notice period?

No, you can terminate your sponsorship with immediate effect at any time and without giving a reason. You can inform us of your termination request by phone, email or of course in writing ([email protected], 030.28 49 84-15 74 or NABU Sponsorship, Charitéstr. 3, 10117 Berlin).

Of course, we would also be happy if you tell us why you want to end your sponsorship. If, in your opinion, we have not done something right in your support, in the sponsorship service or in the sponsorship project, we have the chance to improve.