Is colostrum an effective addition

Immunity: rediscovering the benefits of colostrum, the first breast milk

What is colostrum?

The first milk secreted after delivery

Colostrum is that first milk obtained from female mammals secreted in late pregnancy. It will produced immediately after delivery.

This thick substance rich in proteins and antibodies, has several advantages for the infant. Its incomparable advantages and its yellow-orange color give it the nickname "golden milk" or "liquid gold" brought in.

A very limited production of "golden milk"

The human newborn can have this first milk only 24 to 48 hours after giving birth drink. A mother usually produces 50 ml of colostrum on the baby's first day of life.

Then the mother experiences one lactation, the colostrum gives way to "normal" breast milk ..

What Are The Benefits Of That First Breast Milk?

Colostrum fights infections (viruses, bacteria ...)

As a powerful anti-infective protects colostrum first the newborn from the germs around it. There are actually among the cells of the colostrum two-thirds of white blood cells. (1) These leukocytes produce antibodiesresponsible for neutralizing the viruses and bacteria that the baby encounters.

It is involved in the development of the immune system

These antibodies are actually Immunoglobulins IgG, IgM or IgA. They are also used to the immature immune system of the infant to develop. Note that the type of antibody in the colostrum is logically different from the Depends on infectious agents to which the mother was exposed during her existence.

This first milk contributes to the development of the intestinal flora

Colostrum is also perfect for the baby's young digestive system and small stomach. It is rich in "good bacteria" like Lactobacillus bifidus, and actively participates in the good development of its gut microbiota. It also improves that Digestive function a total of. (2)

An antioxidant substance that is rich in vitamins and minerals

Notice that "golden milk" too antioxidant properties has (3). To top it off, it also includes:

  • Fatty acids, especially long-chain fatty acids;
  • Vitamins (especially vitamin A, which plays a big role in eyesight, skin condition, and immune defenses) (4-5);
  • and Minerals (Magnesium, which has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system and bones, and zinc and copper, which help improve immunity). (6)

Colostrum thus forms a true one Reserve of nutrients and energy. Note that breast milk, on the other hand, contains more sugar, calories, and fats: its primary purpose is to ensure the newborn's growth and weight gain.

In addition, colostrum helps heal the mother's nipple

In the beginning, breastfeeding can lead to bleeding for the mother. Fortunately, colostrum has it too powerful healing properties, ideal for closing small wounds on the nipple. We said it, colostrum really has extraordinary and diverse properties ...

How can you restore the effects of colostrum in adulthood?

The great wealth of beef colostrum

In animal husbandry, colostrum corresponds to that First milking of a cow after the birth of a calf. The first mother's milk from dairy cows is indeed special rich in protein (14% compared to 3.2% for regular cow's milk) and rich in Antibodies (6 %).

Liquid gold available as a dietary supplement

This colostrum, which is very beneficial for the body, can too be absorbed by humans. It has long been consumed pure, as in Eastern Europe, with the aim of promoting immunity.

For health and practical reasons, cow colostrum is now commonly used dehydrated and turned into powder. It is therefore mostly in the form of Dietary supplements taken.

What Are the Benefits of a Beef Colostrum Supplement?

Quite a versatile immune stimulant

Bovine colostrum preparation enables adults to many advantages to find the first breast milk they could drink small ... but not only.

In fact, beef colostrum is indeed rich:

  • at IgG, IgA, IgM, Ig and IgD immunoglobulins, Proteins that are overactive against pathogens;
  • at Cytokines, Key mediators of the immune response;
  • at Lactoferrins, a glycoprotein that "traps" iron, depriving bacteria of their favorite food;
  • at IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), a peptide hormone involved in increasing muscle mass in adults;
  • at Lactalbumin, a protein that is rich in essential amino acids.

Bovine colostrum counteracts respiratory diseases and flu

Numerous scientific studies have shown that bovine colostrum boosts human immune defenses can stimulate. A 2015 study confirms that people benefit from the diverse antimicrobial and immune Benefit from the benefits of this amazing food and remedy (7).

In addition, several studies have shown that supplementation with beef colostrum can help combat Upper respiratory infections will help. (8-9) According to an Italian study, taking colostrum (over a period of 2 months) did too the flu and its complications prevented more effectively than vaccination. (10)

It even contributes to gastrointestinal health

It has also been shown to have bovine immunoglobulins Prevent infections of the gastrointestinal tract(11). Completion of a study encourages the use of colostrum supplements to combat Gastrointestinal diseases(12).

An incredible wealth of vitamins and minerals

Like human colostrum, bovine colostrum is also rich in nutrients and trace elements . In particular, it contains:

  • Vitamins A, B2, B9, B12, D3etc.
  • Minerals (Magnesium, potassium, zinc or even calcium), which are essential for metabolism and good bone condition. (13-15)

Colostrum Diet Supplements: Which To Choose?

A highly concentrated immunoglobulin supplement

Do you want to strengthen your immune system with a purely natural substance? As for beef colostrum, we strongly recommend that you opt for the colostrum supplement. This dietary supplement, which is standardized to 30% of IgG immunoglobulins, will satisfy you thanks to its great wealth of antibodies, vitamins and minerals. It will especially help you Boost your immunity.

Lactoferrin: an active component of colostrum

Do you want to specifically target one of the components of the colostrum? In this case we invite you Lactoferrin, one of the most active ingredients in beef colostrum, to discover. As seen above, this connection is actually able to to bind to iron. In doing so, it removes an important source of energy from bacteria and corrupted cells. You can find this excellent anti-infective in the lactoferrin supplement.

Two synergistic supplements: essential oils and wild mushrooms

Regardless of whether you choose colostrum or lactoferrin, we can also offer you two supplements to achieve synergies:

  • Defense mix, one impressive blend of antimicrobial essential oils((Oregano, peppermint, cinnamon and lemon);
  • et Organic Turkey Tail, a Organic extract from an immunity-boosting wild mushroom. Nicknamed the "turkey tail", this mushroom is rich in PSP and PSK polysaccharides due to its expanded shape and special colors. In Asia it is often used because of its immune-stimulating effect and to accompany cancer treatments.

These two complementary dietary supplements also help To effectively strengthen your immune system. .


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