What does handover mean

Handover (German)

Part of speech: noun, (Female)

About | ga | be, Plural: Transfer | pass |
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ˈʔyːbɐˌɡaːbə]
Word meaning / definition:
1) Change of ownership
2) change of rule without a fight
3) Change in the exercise of a responsible activity
Origin of the term:
Nouning of to hand over by implicit derivation
Subordinate terms:
1) Handover of ownership, handover of money, handover of keys
3) Handover of office, handover, handover of power, handover of the rectorate
Application examples:
1) “Here took place in 1689 the contractually agreed handing over the lordship from the Bürgerspital to the City of Vienna. "
2) “The most important acts of resistance in Vienna were the action of July 20, 1944, when the Nazi leadership was temporarily arrested, and the efforts of the military resistance group around Major Szokoll ('Operation Radetzky') to avoid a fight handing over the City of Vienna to the Red Army in April 1945. "
3) “The assistant doctor does not perform a sufficient one handing over to the doctor on night duty. "
Word formations:
Handover location, handover protocol, handover date, handover negotiation, handover contract
Nominative: singular handing over; Plural Handovers
Genitive: singular handing over; Plural Handovers
Dative: singular handing over; Plural Handovers
Accusative: singular handing over; Plural Handovers

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

The handing over However, failed in front of the police station.
Kölnische Rundschau, September 12, 2018

With the help of blockchain, Walmart wants the handing over coordinate packages from one drone to another.
German Economic News, September 04, 2018

Safe handing over from automated to manual driving One of the main challenges of automated driving is safe handing over from automated to manual driving.
MotorMobiles, August 13, 2019

With a bogus handing over police forces in the Unterallgäu arrested a 49-year-old.
Augsburger Allgemeine, 23 August 2018

A handing over is planned for the beginning of 2019.
derStandard.at, November 12, 2018

The handing over in the city should take place in mid-April.
Kölnische Rundschau, March 31, 2020

Again she has to handing over of the multi-million dollar structure to be moved back.
Moz.de, May 25, 2020

For weeks, lovers have been meeting at the border fence between Kreuzlingen and Konstanz - but be careful with that handing over of gifts.
SWR.de, April 12, 2020

The security authorities must be prepared for attacks, said Interior Minister Herrmann at the handing over of special vehicles.
BILD.de, February 20, 2020

A few hours before the handing over the need for a special vehicle is once again bitterly clear.
GMX, February 20, 2020

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Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • delivery: Transfer of an item to a recipient
  • Handing over
  • Handover

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walk: ... go clear - 1 signal agreement: okay, okay, dude, do it; 2 work: the handover went well / everything went well with the handover, no problems come and go - ...

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route: ... which is considered to be the "Maybach or Mercedes" of textile machines, took place in the course of an official handover. "Idea / idioms: 1) stay on the track 4) an animal to ...

transmission: ... 2) Translation into another language 3) Law Transfer of rights or obligations 4) Transfer of infectious diseases 5) Duration of pregnancy exceeding 42 weeks 6) ...

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