Where is Vibranium found

How did the earth get more vibranium?

TL; DR: If like in the comics, there is a whole mountain range in Africa full of vibranium.

Although we haven't seen where from yet Vibranium Coming in the MCU, Howard Stark described it as "the rarest metal in the world". Here is the dialogue from Captain America: The First Avenger:

STEVE: What about this?

HOWARD: No, no, this is just a prototype.

STEVE: What is it made of?

HOWARD: Vibranium. It's stronger than steel and a third the weight. It is completely vibration absorbing.

STEVE: Why is it not a standard problem?

HOWARD: This is the rarest metal in the world. What you're holding - that's all we have.

However, if they stick to Vibranium's comic book origins, it can only be found in the African nation of Wakanda. In both the 616 and Ultimate continuities, pure vibranium is mined from the central mountain range of Wakanda, which is actually a gigantic meteor that landed on Earth millions of years ago ... maybe even the one that did the Killed dinosaurs.

The Wakandan Mountains are the central feature of the tiny nation, and the Wakandan capital - usually referred to as Wakanda City - is at the center of the mountains. Given the nearly indestructible nature of the vibranium in the mountains, this has enabled Wakanda to survive numerous attempts at conquest by his many neighbors and / or outside forces.

Additionally, the Wakandans have built their culture around the mining and exploitation of vibranium so that their primitive nation can thrive into one of the most technologically advanced places on earth. Those few invading armies that made it past the mountains found an army armed with vibranium-tipped spears and arrows, buildings made of vibranium-laced stone, and a king in vibranium-mesh armor.

Within the comic strip continuity, Ulysses Klaw is one of the few people who managed to infiltrate Wakanda and steal Vibranium. Despite being caught and branded at least trying, this has made him a fortune selling the metal on the black market. He is considered one of the world's leading experts on vibranium and one of the few sources outside of Wakanda.

In Avengers: Age of Ultron visits Ultron

a mining operation in Africa operated by Klaw (Klau in the MCU). Klaw shows Ultron his hidden Vibranium cache, which Ultron buys for billions of dollars (just before losing his temper and cutting off Klaw's arm). Where Ultron got the money is hard to guess, but he likely either stole it from bank accounts around the world or simply told the bank's computers that Klaw's account had so much in it (with no actual money moving). In either case, the result is the same.

This scene seems to confirm that the MCU version of Vibranium is very similar, if not identical, to its comic book counterpart. Given that the Wakandan government is extremely reluctant to export vibranium, it is not difficult to assume that Captain America's shield represents all of the metal that the US government acquired at the time.

Tim S.

So basically we have an African Atlantis sitting on a mountain of insanely valuable metal (which we have known about for 70 years), and they are isolating themselves to the point that no one has yet been able to trade in significant quantities to get public or invasion? Not to say that's not what the myth says, but that's terribly hard to believe.


@ TimS. I agree, but that's exactly what the myth says. They refuse to export in any useful quantity, and no one - not even Doctor Doom - wants to invade and risk ticking off the Wakandans.


@ DrydenLong: I disagree. Thor and Hulk only ask that we accept or cancel our disbelief in the existence of a single incredible person. This Wakanda scenario requires us to rewrite our entire belief system regarding geopolitics, economics, and human behavior.

Dry long

@Junuxx I don't think it's abnormal behavior that keeps Wakanda safe / isolated, but it's superior technology (computationally) and excellent defense. People have tried to break into Wakanda before but always failed. There are a large number of mutants there, as well as the panther cult, who have often defended the city. Geopolitics, economics, and human behavior function as usual in Wakanda, but the city has managed to fend off any attempted invasion.


They basically have a self-sufficient, isolationist state, which is believable ... especially when they have a monopoly on a priceless commodity.