Should Black Widow have her own movie

The "Black Widow" film will probably start shooting at the end of February

Rumor has it that Marvel has even considered making Black Widow their first R-rated MCU film, but nothing has been confirmed so far about the possible tone of the film, or whether it pushes the boundaries on content in the manner of other comic book films with an R rating like “Deadpool” or “Logan - The Wolverine”. Originally introduced in 1940, Black Widow aka Claire Voyant was the first female superhero in comic book history. Codenamed Black Widow was later revived by Stan Lee and his team in 1964, and it was this second incarnation of the character named Natasha Romanoff - who is also portrayed by Johansson in the Marvel films. After years in which many fans of the character have wanted a solo film, Marvel indirectly announced last year that "Black Widow" will actually get its own solo film, with Cate Shortland taking over the directing work.

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Is the Black Widow movie coming?

The GWW colleagues now report that Shortland, Johansson and the studio will start shooting the long-awaited “Black Widow” film on February 28th. The film is expected to be shot in Croatia and Miami, and production is expected to last well into March. Plot details weren't confirmed, but a recent casting call revealed some clues about characters, including the main villain, who is described as "exciting," as well as another character, who is described as "female Bond," and another who is described as " underhanded female villain ”in his 50s.

As for the creative team behind Black Widow, the film has hired cameraman Rob Hardy to direct the film that last made Mission Impossible - Fallout. Perhaps that suggests that the film will have big action elements similar to the blockbuster. There was also speculation about a possible connection between “Black Widow” and “Captain Marvel” after screenwriter Jac Schaeffer received an unexpected credit mention for the other upcoming female MCU film.

No wonder that in view of the confidentiality obligations of Marvel and Disney, details about "Black Widow" remain largely hidden. But with the movie going on camera for next month, casting reports should be arriving soon, and with them many more clues about what Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios have in store for all of the Black Widow fans who are so patiently watching it have waited for the character to finally get their own film ...