Why do people want FWB

Friends with benefits: There is only one rule!

Just as terms such as LAP (life cycle partner) and blended family shaped relationships in the last century, at the beginning of the 21st century there are more and more names for people who live in one way or another without a fixed bond, but not without interpersonal relationships that are - of course - also about sex. Only one thing prevailed: friendship plus, "Friends with benefits". Constantly flying from one flower to the other is just too exhausting, one-night stands are annoying, so you'd rather spend the evening on the couch, binge-watch or go out for sports with friends. For those who have a good, active social network, the desire for togetherness, the classic "couple life", simply takes a back seat more easily and quickly. Why “Fuckbuddies”, that is somehow too arbitrary, if you want to get along well with your sexual partner. In and outside of your own four walls.

Friendship plus dies of silence

And of course, the more you talk to each other, the more you reveal about yourself, the better, but it also becomes more complicated. According to research, a pure sex friendship cannot work without complicated feelings because in such a constellation people talk too little about themselves.

And their needs are also swept under the carpet, at least initially, because it is so nice and pleasant. And plenty of sex, of course. Hand on heart: Flirting, going out, dating - all of this can be quite a chore. If you have a nice sparrow in your hand and are not ready for the pigeon on the roof - why not.Maybe they are both a little in love. But they just don't feel like getting committed. As long as nobody feels under pressure to give more in a friendship than they want, everything is actually fine.

You break the rules one way or another

There is actually only one important rule of friendship plus: You should be honest with yourself - and always keep in mind that such a relationship is a nice pastime, until “something better, newer, different” results. For one or the other ... or both. Nobody has a friendship plus for years or even decades, and if ... we would almost like to congratulate these people. Let's be honest, we all know the other rules - and we never take them to heart. Sometimes we cuddle with them or go out for a nice meal. And sometimes we are secretly furious when another woman suddenly makes herself important. However, it always ends the same way: either the thing mutates into a relationship with a claim to exclusivity - or it really has an expiration date. Nevertheless, you can just enjoy a friendship plus as long as it works well!