What is it like to find God?

How can i find god

You can usually find your key in your pocket. Your glasses in the bathroom where you last took them off. Your slippers are likely left in the living room by the sofa. But how and where do you find God?

Is God to be found?

The main problem with finding God is that you actually can't find him at all. Even if you're clever, you don't stand a chance. This is because God is beyond our perception, exists in another dimension. A one-dimensional point will never understand that there can be such a thing as a line. For a two-dimensional picture, speaking of "in front of" and "behind" is completely incomprehensible. And as a three-dimensional person you do not see or find God who is not part of your world.
Is that it now? Can you even find what you can't see

Discover God

Not quite. Because God doesn't play hide and seek with you and me. It does not withdraw to where it cannot be discovered. On the contrary: he wants to be found. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus put it this way: “Ask God and he will give you! Search and you will find! Knock and the door will be opened for you ”(Gospel of Matthew 7: 7). Many people have already had this experience. At some point they started looking for God. And the location was not at all decisive. They didn't have to go to church, Jerusalem or Rome. They turned to the god they did not see - and found him. Here some tell the story of their search.

God reveals himself

So if you want to find God, it doesn't seem to be about performing a certain ritual. Like Indiana Jones on his treasure hunt, you don't have to press the right button at the right time to open a secret door. The whole thing only works if God wants to show himself to you. When he reveals himself. Because otherwise you and I cannot recognize him. The good news is: God wants you to find him! And it shows itself to you in such a way that you can recognize it: When you see the wonders of nature, when you read the Bible, when you talk to other people about it, even when you find out more about it on the Internet. All of these situations - and much more - God uses to reveal himself.

Come to God

In your search for God it may seem to you that there is an obstacle, that you cannot so easily penetrate to God. The Bible speaks of that too. She calls it “sin” and emphasizes that our injustices and transgressions separate us from God. But at the same time the Bible underlines that God bridged this gap long ago. That he made his way to you and me and is looking for our community. So you are not the only seeker. Even more than you want to find God, He wants to find you. God does everything to live in communion with you.
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