Why did you stop playing tournament chess?

Abolish the DWZ?

The French have abolished their national rating. The Italians too. And we? Do we need the DWZ? Could we get along with the rating alone? Could that be cheaper? Or practically impossible to do at all? What does the DWZ offer that the Elo lacks?

This should be discussed before the decision is made to have the DEWIS new DWZ system developed for a five-digit amount. Because this decision is imminent, we asked the President of the Chess Federation and the press spokesman for the Chess Federation for an interview on the DWZ: An expert should point out the pros and cons and weigh them up. The request was not answered.

There is definitely talk about the for - internally and strictly controlled. After the congress, a working group was formed at the DSB to deal with the DWZ and member administration. People who the DSB President does not count among the “troublemakers” were allowed to take part. Chess friends who were too close to the Lower Saxony Chess Association or the German Chess Youth were denied the desire to get involved.

Before the work began, there was a declaration of no confidence in the room:

If we worked together in a trusting manner, things that are taken for granted would not have to be set down in writing. And where there is democracy, everyone can talk about anything privately, whether the head of the working group approves it and has it recorded - or not.

It was then made clear that an open-ended debate is not desired:

From the beginning, the working group operated under the stipulation “Commitment to the continuation of the DWZ”, without it being discussed whether this continuation is sensible and desirable.

In the absence of specialist knowledge, we simply asked our chess friends on social media. It was immediately revealed that the topic of “DWZ” triggers astonishing commitment. There is a need to speak:

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