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Why I don't advertise with 6-digit sales ...

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Before you run into the comment area after reading the article title and start waving the flag that we women have to stop belittling our successes and yet should be proud of what we achieve - STOP.

You. has. completely. Law.

And if you've met me directly online before, then you definitely know that I've been standing by with this very flag for a long time, while you're still tinkering with yours. We women can and should be proud of our successes. (Yes, also and especially in times like these.)

So let me briefly explain what exactly I meant by the title - and then gladly discuss it ...

For a long time I hardly talked about my growing earnings. I published my income report for the first three years of my self-employment bit by bit and never extended it to the following years.

By the way, you can grab it here:

On the sales pages I only indicated and vaguely described my current income. I avoided giving clear numbers, and also with testimonials I always made sure that income and percentages were not mentioned if possible.


Because most of the numbers used online promoting products and courses related to online marketing or building an online business are #fakenews.

I don't mean that they are made up or a lie. They definitely are not. Many even substantiate their numbers with screenshots from their accounting software or payment providers. Kudos for that!

But these numbers are pure curve cosmetics.

They make people look good, but the real truth is actually a little different.

Let me just ask you for a moment ... how often have you looked at your payroll slip from your salaried job and thought: "Man, how cool it would be if I held the number at the top in my hands - and not the number at the bottom ? I could do so much with it. ”- and then sighed deeply?

If you are a little like me before, then it wasn't that rare.

But life is not a unicorn farm and after all the taxes and duties the state deducts from us, all the expenses are added to the account and whoosh, only a handful of the chic number remains at the top of the wipe left.

With the chic numbers of an online business or the turnover of a course? It is exactly the same. Curve cosmetics.

First of all, we will deduct the 19% VAT from these screenshots. (That's the cotton pad with the make-up remover.) After that, the payment fees of the payment service will also come down. (Artificial eyelashes, bye-bye ...)


The number has already shrunk significantly. Loosely by a quarter.

If we were to continue our search for the bare truth, we would deduct from it all the expenses that we had to invest in order to achieve these fancy numbers.

In many cases, these are advertising ads, freelance costs for assistance, clever people who bend the technology, or the graphic design that really makes our pages and products shine. (Say goodbye to the hair extensions at this point ...)

Now we're getting a lot closer to the truth and whoops - the six-figure amount that looked so chic? Suddenly it's just a lower to middle 5-digit sum.

Hey, don't get me wrong: this sum is really great! Great! And should be celebrated!

The only problem with this is? That's exactly what we're not doing.

Instead, we all fall for the higher, faster, further syndrome. If numbers don't sound abnormally spectacular and don't seem bombastic, especially when compared to other people, then that's not good enough for us.

And this is precisely why a development on the German-speaking market spilled over from the American model, which tends to throw around figures that are unrealistic for the normal person among us and that create expectations in us that simply cannot be fulfilled are. Disappointment, disillusionment and above all self-doubt and hard self-criticism (after all, only we can be responsible for not having made it, right ?! We are not good enough for it, right ??) are inevitable.

So can you really - in real life now - achieve a 6-digit turnover if I rave about mine and thus give you the impression that you could do it too?


And before you reach for your flagpole to spank me with it, let me explain briefly:

I'm not saying that because I think I'm smarter than you.

(Yes, I know, I often come across as a smart ass - and believe me, I am much more often than I would like - but no, I don't really think I'm smarter than you.)

My 6-digit sales last year were essentially based on three aspects ...

1. I've been in online marketing for 7 years now. And have been learning new things every day for just as long. So my turnover is not something that you can build up in 8 weeks or 6 months. This kind of thing takes years for 99% of us.

2. I was able to generate this turnover for the most part from courses that have four-digit price tags. Not every entrepreneur can or wants to offer courses. And certainly not in this price range. It is mostly limited by the ...

3. Positioning. With the subject of online marketing, I am involved in a subject that “allows” this turnover for me. For example, if I had stayed in the travel industry, I am sure that my moral principles and attitudes about how and with which strategies I want to earn my money would never have come anywhere near this income sector. Which has nothing to do with ethics - it's just a matter of type. (SEO, affiliate ... those would have been my sources. And I just didn't feel like doing that at a certain level.)

So if you have chosen your topic in online marketing, don't have much to do for the next three to five years and discover a gap in courses that you can price in four figures? Ah, sorry, yes THEN it would be possible with the six-figure turnover.

Sure, not an issue. Sorry that I talked you into this.

But the remaining 99% of us, uh, of you - pardonnez-moi ... they neither feel like this niche nor have the motivation to build a course, right?

And that's totally ok! More than that.

The world is currently missing so much.

There are no great pages on so many great topics. And yours is definitely among them. You will be able to help so many people with it, get so much gratitude back and, yes, you will be able to earn a lot of money with it, and you will be able to claim it absolutely justified.

But please, don't get unrealistic, fancy-sounding numbers in your head as goals. Neither in the form of a hypothetical pay slip, nor in terms of your reach - for which the same arguments essentially apply.

What I really want to say today is the following ...

Let us also be proud of other achievements that have nothing to do with money or reach, but perhaps with well-being, safety and satisfaction.

Let's be proud of our numbers - no matter which ones.

Above all, let's not fall for all those curve cosmetics that persuade us that success is only success if it has 6 digits or is fantastic.

Success can have so many different faces.

And definitely yours too!


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